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Sunnyvale Data Center

Sunnyvale Data Center
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sunnyvale data center

Sunnyvale, CA is home to several high-profile technology-related businesses, but they are also home to numerous corporations who have a need to outsource their critical IT systems. QuoteColo helps in partnering those businesses with data centers in Sunnyvale who can provide a quote for many different infrastructure management and maintenance options. For services like colocation needs, data server space management, network systems management and business continuity planning, QuoteColo will find a Sunnyvale data center who can provide those services at an affordable monthly rate.

Partial List of Sunnyvale Data Centers:

444 Toyama Drive
Sunnyvale, CA 94089
One of the highest-rated data center operators in the U.S. is Equinix, who offers a suite of services that include colocation space, cloud hosting and cloud support, dedicated server management and disaster recovery. With a data center in downtown Sunnyvale, the company is well-positioned to provide local businesses with outsourcing options at low monthly rates.

1320 Kifer Rd
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
CenturyLink offers colocation, cloud management, dedicated servers, managed hosting and a variety of data storage options. The company works to provide its customers with a variety of multimedia, internet and e-commerce applications as well.

•Level 3 Communications
1380 Kifer Rd
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
For companies looking for an outsourcing partner that offers services such as dedicated server management, cloud hosting and cloud computing, converged business network applications and other important IT functions, Level 3 Communications provides customized plans for those businesses for rates that won’t sacrifice the bottom line.

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It can be a hassle for business to search for a Sunnyvale data center that best suits their outsourcing needs. QuoteColo takes the worry away by providing those services at no cost. QuoteColo collects quotes from data centers in Sunnyvale so that corporations can make the best possible choice for all of their IT-related needs.