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Smyrna Data Center

Smyrna Data Center
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Smyrna Data Center

Smyrna is a growing suburb of metro Atlanta, and has become home to a significant number of technology companies, retail firms, hotels and many other businesses. All of these businesses require IT assistance – thus the rise of Smyrna data centers. Of course, the sheer number of tier 1 and tier 2 data centers in Smyrna makes it difficult to choose a provider. This is where QuoteColo can help. We can provide you with several quotes from the leading Smyrna data centers, and help you get the colocation, dedicated hosting, disaster recovery or other services necessary for business operation.

  • The Best Data Centers in Smyrna
    XO Communications
    4000 Highland Parkway SE
    Smyrna, GA 30082

XO Communications is a well-known national chain of data centers and IT solutions providers. The company operates a data center in the heart of the Smyrna area, offering local businesses access to outstanding IT solutions. The firm can provide managed hosting and colocation Atlanta, as well as data storage and backup, colocation, cloud servers and connectivity, dedicated servers and a great deal more as well. They also offer voice and IP services, managed data solutions, and scalable options for ongoing growth.

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