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Boise Data Center

Boise Data Center
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Boise Data Center

Boise has become a truly large city and home to an incredible variety of businesses and industries. Each of those companies needs outstanding IT solutions for web hosting, to protect data, to ensure recovery in the face of a disaster and more. To cater to those needs, several different Boise data centers have gone into operation. Which of those centers is right for your company? That can be a hard question to answer, and it’s what QuoteColo does best. We’ll deliver accurate, timely quotes regarding prices and services from Boise data centers, including colocation, dedicated server hosting, disaster recovery, cloud hosting and more.

A Look at the Better Data Centers in Boise

  • TW Telecom
    2223 Airport Way
    Boise, ID 83705

TW Telecom is headquartered in nearby Colorado, and operates a robust national network of data centers and service providers. The company is able to offer clients a range of different services, including connectivity technology, cloud services, data protection, managed services, managed security, collaboration suites, and many others as well.

  • FiberPipe
    10215 W. Emerald Street
    Boise, ID 83704

FiberPipe is a leading data center in Boise offering businesses in all industries important IT solutions. The company can provide data storage, managed hosting, colocation, dedicated servers, virtual servers, scalable solutions, full cabinets, rack mounting and more. The company also features redundant power, 24-7 monitoring and professional security to ensure that client sites are always up and running.

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Finding the right provider from the many different Boise data centers is no easy thing to do, and QuoteColo can help you with your decision. We specialize in delivering accurate quotes from the leading data centers, at no cost to you and with no obligation at all. Find out just how easy we can make the process of choosing a data center.