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Overland Park Data Center

Overland Park Data Center
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Overland Park has grown to become the second largest city in Kansas. It’s home to a dizzying array of businesses and industries as well. All of those companies have one thing in common – the need for outsourced IT solutions. Overland Park data centers can provide the IT solutions necessary, but what company is right for your budget and needs? QuoteColo ensures that you have quotes from the leading Overland Park data centers so you can make an informed decision regarding your needs, whether you’re in need of colocation, secure dedicated server hosting, cloud hosting, managed IT services or something more.

Top Overland Park Data Centers to Know

QTS – Quality Tech
12851 Foster Street
Overland Park, KS 55213

Quality Tech operates a 38,000-square foot facility located in the heart of Overland Park. In fact, the Overland Park location is the company’s headquarters for their growing network of data centers. The company provides outstanding solutions for outsourced IT needs, including managed hosting, data storage, disaster recovery, data backup, could servers, colocation and dedicated servers. Features of the facility include hardened poured concrete construction, intrusion proofing, dual feed, single grid connections, and more.

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Making a choice in Overland Park data centers is no simple thing. It requires careful consideration and deliberation based on accurate facts concerning services and prices. That’s what QuoteColo delivers – you get up to date information about pricing and outsourced IT solutions from the leading Overland Park data centers. What’s more – you’ll never pay a dime for using our services, and we’re proud that there is never an obligation with our solutions either. Contact us today to start receiving quotes from the leading data centers in the area and find out how easy it really can be to meet your IT solution needs.