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Cambridge Data Center

Cambridge Data Center
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Cambridge Data Center

The city of Cambridge, MA is famous for being the home of Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. But it’s also a city that has quite a few high-tech companies as well. Many of those companies seek out the services of a Cambridge data center that can help manage their mission critical IT systems. Trusting important IT functions and confidential data to any data center is not an option. That’s where QuoteColo can help. They will match companies up with reputable and efficient Cambridge data centers that can safely and securely manage any company’s vital IT assets.

QuoteColo Cambridge Data Center Partners:

•XO Communications, Inc.
89 Fulkerson St, 1st FL
Cambridge, MA 02141
XO Communications is a recognized leader in the communications industry, providing a host of colocation solutions for its clients. The company offers services such as dedicated and virtual servers, cloud computing, a secure environment with on-site asset monitoring and a full range of managed services.

•Level 3 Communications
300 Bent Street
Cambridge, MA 02141
Level 3 Communications operates numerous data centers across the U.S. They offer a full suite of colocation services that include colocation space, data server space, cloud hosting, disaster recovery planning, applications management and other vital IT functions.

• Inc.
300 Bent St
Cambridge, MA 02141 Inc. is a leader in providing high-speed internet access options, and shares a data center with Level 3 Communications in Cambridge. The company also offers a variety of voice and data services along with managed IT solutions.

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