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Princeton Data Center

Princeton Data Center
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Princeton Data Center

Princeton is in a unique location, in between two major cities in New York and Philadelphia. There are also a lot of businesses in the area, and as a result there are a lot of options when looking for a Princeton data center to serve your company in the area. The search for the right Princeton data center can be difficult, in part because you have so many options. Sometimes if you don’t have a strong technology background, you may want some help in the search. QuoteColo provides that assistance free of charge, by helping you to find the right match in a Princeton data center. Whether you are looking for data storage, colocation, security services or general information technology help, finding the right provider at the right price can help your company grow.

The Highest Rated Princeton Data Centers:

•Quality Technology Services
95 Columbus Drive
Jersey City, NJ
Quality Technology Services has data centers in northern New Jersey and is a provider of data storage, colocation services and hosting. They can also work with a business to provide customized services for various data needs. In addition, they provide disaster recovery services and Internet connectivity services.

•Verizon Enterprise
201 Centennial Ave
Piscataway Township, NJ
Verizon is a major player nationally in business enterprise solutions, and one of their big distinguishing characteristics is their specialty in advanced mobile technology and its applications to the workforce. Verizon Enterprise additionally offers basic and advanced information technology services, hosting and security consultation.

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