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Hawthorne Data Center

Hawthorne Data Center
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Hawthorne Data Center

Hawthorne is located just outside of New York City, so there are tons of Hawthorne data centers available that can offer you information technology services. The offerings will include web hosting, either through traditional servers or cloud servers. They can also provide data storage and colocation services, security consulting and general information technology services. The key in selecting the right Hawthorne data center is working with a company that matches up well with your needs. Some providers are better suited for larger clients, while others work best with startup companies and small businesses. When you find the right match, it can give you better service at a great price. QuoteColo specializes in finding the best provider for your business needs, and the matching service is free.

The Highest Rated Hawthorne Data Center Providers:

11 Skyline Drive
Hawthorne, NY
Xand is the premier provider of information technology services in Westchester County with its Hawthorne data center. It is a 50,000 square foot facility that offers cloud hosting, enterprise hosting, colocation services, managed services and disaster recovery.

7 Teleport Drive
Staten Island, NY
Telehouse offers data center services to the greater New York area, including colocation services and managed hosting solutions. They also provide business data backup services that can be used as disaster recovery services, to assist in continuity after a natural disaster or man-made disaster in the area.

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