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Scranton Data Center

Scranton Data Center
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Scranton Data Center

The city of Scranton is home to growing business and industrial sectors, and companies in those sectors require support and service to maintain their operations. That requires choosing the right Scranton data center, which can be hard to do for most business owners. QuoteColo can make this process less stressful. We’ll give you direct quotes from the leading data centers in Scranton, and help you make a sound decision regarding your colocation, server hosting or cloud technology related needs.

Scranton Data Centers for Your Considerations:

PO Box 591
Scranton, PA 18501
Burst provides a very wide range of data center and IT services to companies and organizations in and around Scranton. The company provides dedicated servers and hosting, as well as several colocation options. Virtual private servers, cloud backup and storage, cloud VPS, and dedicated cloud services are also available.

422 Prescott Ave, 18510
Scranton, PA
VolumeDrive might not provide the same breadth of services as Burst, but the company offers excellent solutions for small and medium sized businesses. The firm can provide several different colocation options, as well as VPS and dedicated hosting. KVM VPS is also available.

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Why consider working with QuoteColo to choose the right Scranton data center for your business or organization? We think you’ll find a lot of reasons to make that decision. Our vital services are available at no cost to you, and we’re proud of our no obligation commitment. We make it easy to find the best area providers without the hassles and headaches you’ll encounter trying to go it on your own. We protect your privacy at all times, and you’ll also discover that our 15+ years of experience here enables us to offer you special savings and plan rates that can’t be found anywhere