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Columbia Data Center

Columbia Data Center
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Columbia, South Carolina offers many different data centers.  When you are looking through the different centers available, you want to make sure that you are only choosing the most reputable ones.  QuoteColo can help you to discern which centers can fully satisfy all of your data needs.  We will help you figure out which services you need and then will provide you with a list of qualified data centers that can help you.

The Highest Rated Data Columbia Data Centers 

  • TW Telecom
  • 1401 Main Street
  • Columbia, South Carolina 29203

TW Telecom has been in business for 15 years and pride themselves on their genuine customer service.  They offer a wide variety of services and these include cages, rack cabinets, colocation services, and Internet services.

  • Spirit Telecom Data Center
  • 1500 Hampton Street
  • Columbia, South Carolina 29201

Spirit Telecom Data Center offers many different services to those looking for a reliable data center.  These include cloud servers, content delivery, dedicated servers, managed hosting, colocation, data storage, and disaster recovery.

  • Immedion 
  • 1000 Catawba Street, Suite 180
  • Columbia, South Carolina 29201

Immedion specializes in a variety of data services and can serve major enterprises, as well as small businesses.  With this diverse experience, they have developed a wide range of services.  These include colocation, network and Internet resources, network security, virtual server platforms, monitoring and management of IT infrastructure, and backup and primary data storage.

QuoteColo can connect you with these data centers and help you decide which will be the best fit for you.  Our services are fast and come with our extensive experience and knowledge.  We are committed to providing you with no-cost and secure service.  We can save you time and ensure your experience is hassle-free.  Do not hesitate to contact QuoteColo today so that you can get started with expert colocation services.