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Dedicated Servers

Our dedicated server pricing service will source you the best quotes from dedicated server providers all over the world. If you have a specific geographic area in mind just let us know. If you are just looking for the most reliable host at the best cost we can assist with that as well. Depending on your server requirements, pricing for dedicated servers starts at $55/month and we offer Bitcoin miner hosting as well. Email your specifications to sales (at) or just fill out the form below. You will receive immediate custom quotes via email.


Dedicated Server Promotions:

AMD Ryzen 7600
64GB ECC DDR5, 960GB Gen 4 Enterprise NVMe, 50TB over 1G

AMD Ryzen 7900
12 core, 64GB ECC DDR5, 1x 6.4TB Gen 4 Enterprise NVMe

AMD Ryzen 7900
12 core, 64GB ECC DDR5, 1x 15.4TB Gen 4 Enterprise NVMe

AMD Ryzen 7950X3D
16 core, 64GB ECC DDR5, 6.4TB Gen 4 NVMe 50TB over 1G

AMD Ryzen 7950X3D
16 core, 128GB ECC DDR5, 6.4TB Gen 4 NVMe 50TB over 10G

AMD Ryzen 7950X3D

16 core, 192GB DDR5, 15.4TB Gen 4 NVMe drives, 100TB over 10G

Intel i9-14900K
24 Core (8P 16E), 64GB DDR5 ECC, 6.4TB Gen 4 high-speed enterprise NVMe 50TB over 10G port

Intel i9-14900K
24 Core (8P 16E), 192GB DDR5 non-ECC MAX RAM, 6.4TB Gen 4 high-speed NVMe 50TB over 10G port

AMD Threadripper 7960X
24 cores, 128G DDR5 5600 ECC RAM, 6.4TB Gen 4 fast NVMe,50TB over 10G port

AMD Threadripper 7970X
32 cores, 256G DDR5 5600 ECC RAM, 6.4TB Gen 4 fast NVMe, 50TB over 10G port


AMD Threadripper 7980X
64 cores, 512G of fast DDR5 ECC RAM, 15.4TB Gen 4 fast NVMe, 50TB over 10G port



Our web hosting providers offer dedicated servers. Typically, the web hosting company is 100% responsible for the dedicated servers and the client manages the operating system (OS), applications and web content. Unlike shared hosting, dedicated servers are dedicated to one type of application or website. Some Boston colocation providers of dedicated servers also offer OS support and additional managed hosting services.

Top ranked local and national web hosting providers offering dedicated servers will compete for your business. Our service allows you to compare information on dedicated servers, technology and best service practices for hosting companies offering dedicated servers. Best of all, the pricing for dedicated servers available through QuoteColo offers the lowest dedicated server rates offered and there is absolutely NO OBLIGATION.

To obtain a FREE set of Quotes with absolutely NO OBLIGATION for dedicated servers, just submit your specific requirements for dedicated servers below and we will provide you with multiple quotes for dedicated servers within a few hours. Alternatively, call us for dedicated server pricing at 888-400-5732 (M-F, 8am-8pm EST).

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Best Web Hosting Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers are important for companies and individuals who value security and privacy in their web hosts, and QuoteColo can help you find a dedicated server that matches what you’re looking for-QuoteColo guarantees you will find a quote on a hosting dedicated server at a very low price.

With dedicated web hosting, the host provides the hardware, components, racks, and all the infrastructure to run your web site and applications. Dedicated server providers will also offer break fix support. So if you have a Windows dedicated server hard drive failure, the webhosting provider will fix the problem. Most hosting dedicated server providers also offer additional managed services for a monthly fee.

Some dedicated server providers can assist with patches and upgrades on your Windows or Linux operating system, offer daily and weekly back ups and offer robust intrusion detection and firewall security options. QuoteColo can help you find a cheap webhosting server even if you don’t have your own equipment, and you can easily get a quote on a data center or colocation center just by entering in your preferred search criteria.

You can even use QuoteColo to find a dedicated server that uses your favorite operating system, whether you like Windows, Linux, Unix, Desbian, FreeBSD or something else. A dedicated server is markedly less expensive than managed hosting. If you know what you’re doing and you don’t think you’d benefit that much from the additional tech support offered by managed hosting, a dedicated server may be the best option for you. And you’ll save even more money by finding the best rates Dallas colocation with QuoteColo. Simply go our web site to submit your dedicated server requirements and QuoteColo will get you quotes from qualified dedicated server providers in your requested area.

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So if you are on the lookout for inexpensive dedicated servers, search QuoteColo for a dedicated server or a hosting dedicated server near you.