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Encrypting Server Disks for Windows

Posted by QuoteColo on July 21, 2020

Encrypting Server Disks for Windows

When you are choosing a colocation service, you will likely need to move your servers from their current locations to the colocation data center. Even though this should be simple, there are certain dangers that your servers will be facing when they are being transported. Even using quality shipping methods is not always enough. You need to keep your data on those servers as safe as possible.

Consider just how important that data is to your company. You might have information about your employees, trade secrets, information about customers, proprietary info, contracts, and so much more that can’t get into the hands of anyone else. Therefore, you will want to consider encrypting the server disks before you transport them. It will provide you with that added layer of safety that you need.

Not only do you need safety, but it also is important to ensure you are complying with certain laws that might affect your field. This includes GDPR, PCI, and HIPAA laws. Fortunately, there are several different solutions you can consider. Check out several of these options below.


Those who are looking for a free option to encrypt the drives on a Windows server may want to consider this option. It can even encrypt the operating system partition where Windows has been installed. The program is easy to use and has its own partition format, which makes it possible to encrypt partitions for improves stability and to eliminate issues that are sometimes associated with file systems.

You will find that the system is easy to use and will generate an AES algorithm dynamically based on the key’s size. This means that the encryption time will be faster. So will the decryption time.

To encrypt the system partitions once you have set up the system, you will just have to click on the disk that you want and then encrypt it. You must decrypt the drive before you try to access the encrypted drive in most cases. However, you will find that this system does offer the ability to create a Windows Bootloader. This lets you work on the volume even though it might be encrypted.


VeraCrypt is a freeware solution that will allow you to encrypt single files if needed. In addition, you can encrypt a single partition or the entire server. This is a highly secure option, which can sometimes increase the time that it will take to load files. However, this is a minor quibble, and most will find that this is a stellar option for encryption. Once the system has loaded, everything will work as normal and you will not notice a slowdown.

After the utility has been installed, you will be able to choose quickly and easily the files that you want to encrypt. Whether you want to encrypt just a handful of files for one reason or another, or you need to encrypt an entire server, it’s easy with this utility.

One of the biggest benefits of this system for those who need to have their files completely protected is to use the Hidden Volume feature. This will allow you to store information that’s hidden in a partition that is already encrypted. Since it is hidden, it will not show up if someone were to look for it. Only when you enter the password you created for the Hidden Volume will it show up.


BitLocker is one of the most popular and well-known options for encrypting data. It is often used by those who want to protect their servers in transport because it is a full disk encryption option. It is included with Windows Servers and has been since 2012. Keep in mind that this is an optional feature that will need to install.

You can do so easily right through the control panel. When you are in the panel, you will click on a button to Turn Windows Features On and Off. Select BitLocker Drive Encryption and install it. Once it is installed, you will have to restart the server, and then you will see a list of the drives on the server. You can then choose what you need to encrypt and determine which authentication method will allow for those files to be accessed.

The system offers three different authentication modes to help ensure that the encryption is secure. This includes Transparent Authentication, User Authentication, and USB Key Mode.

It’s easy to use, and those who already have Windows Servers will have this available.

Choose the Right Option for Your Needs

All of the options on the list above can be a nice choice for encrypting your server disks for Windows before you transport them. Take the time to look into these and other options to find a solution that will work well for your needs, whatever they might be.


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