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Finding a dedicated server

Posted by QuoteColo on August 24, 2012 - Updated on July 05, 2016

Dedicated server providers are easy to find. Just Google the term “dedicated server” and you will find over 20,000 links to companies looking for your dedicated server business. Finding a dedicated server provider that is good is not always an easy task. Below are a few of the top questions that you should ask your potential dedicated server provider.

Ask basic data center questions to determine the provider’s reliability. How much planned/unplanned downtime has you facility experienced in the last 12, 24 or 36 months? Most quality dedicated server providers keep detailed records of downtime, maintenance windows, etc. Ask who owns the data center in which your servers will be stored?  Don’t be scared if they lease space from a larger provider such as Equinix, Switch and Data, or Internap. Many fine dedicated server providers lease space and do a superior job because they concentrate more on server management and technical support versus the actual operation of the daily data center infrastructure such as power, bandwidth routing, cooling, etc.

Ask questions regarding the provider’s managed service capabilities. Many dedicated server clients start with “unmanaged” server(s) and eventually look for the provider to assist with managed firewalls, back ups and storage. Having quality managed services available is not only a positive sign of the provider’s long-term capabilities but a real plus for a growing client who needs technical assistance as they concentrate on their own applications and business plan.

Ask questions regarding the reliability of the actual servers being used. What type of dedicated server equipment will be used? Some providers supply their own “white boxes” and other use better known names like Dell, HP, and Sun. Dedicated server providers using well known boxes are often in a better position for offering superior technical support and reliability.

Finally, ask questions about the dedicated server provider’s technical support. Are there on site technicians available 24 x 7? Ask what type of trouble ticketing system is available and the average time it takes to resolve an issue. Before signing a contract, call or email the support line to see the actual response time.

These are just a few recommendations. More updates to follow. If your firm is interested in finding a qualified and cost-effective dedicated server provider, please submit your specifications at

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