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Finding West Coast Colocation

Posted by QuoteColo on October 16, 2013 - Updated on February 19, 2016
finding west coast colocation

Finding the best colocation solution for your business comes down to your proximity to the provider you choose. Proximity to your colocation host is important due to latency and speed of services. With this in mind, if you are located on the west coast of the United States, you have plenty of options in finding excellent west coast colocation hosting solutions.

From colocation hosting services in the GoldenState ranging from Los Angeles, CA to San Francisco, CA to Tier 4 colocation data center solutions in the ever rainy city of Seattle, finding excellent west coast colocation is a simple matter of conducting a controlled Google search.

San Diego Colocation Data Center Services

If you live in San Diego, CA or the surrounding towns/neighborhoods (Coronado, CA, National City, CA, Mission Valley, CA etc.) finding excellent top Tier colocation solutions within San Diego, CA city limits should prove pretty simple. If you are looking for colocation services in the dead center of San Diego, CA check out the Downtown Colo San Diego California Data Center. The facility, which is located on 1060 8th Street, is known for their massive fiber connections to Los Angeles, CA along with ample cooling and redundant power supplies. Although not the largest or most well known data center in the Southern California area, the Downtown Colo San Diego California DataCenter is a great data center for both consumers and mid size businesses looking to grow their IT operations/needs.

Los Angeles Colocation Data Center Facilities

Outside of San Francisco, California, Los Angeles is the center for colocation solutions in the southern west coast of the United States. With a multitude of data center facilities running the gambit in both price and tiers, Los Angeles, CA is a great city for anyone looking for colocation solutions aimed at provided them with access to overseas markets. Point in case, all within the city limits of Los Angeles, Terremark, InterNap, Savvis, CenturyLink and DRT (Digital Realty Trust) all have top tier data center facilities. With a mix of Tier 3 + and Tier 4 data center colocation services, finding reliable and cost effective colocation solutions in Los Angeles, CA shouldn’t prove to be difficult.

San Francisco and Silicon Valley West Coast Colocation Facilities

Moving north up the Pacific Coast Highway will lead you to the meca of all data center locations within the United States – San Francisco, CA and Silicon Valley. Due to the extraordinary amount of high tech firms and start ups located in the area, finding decent colocation solutions within San Fran and Silicon Valley is as simple as throwing a rock in any direction. Like Los Angeles, CA, San Fran is lined with the who is who of data center hosting. From Peer 1, to Digital Realty Trust, to InterNap, to CenturyLink and Equinix, the area is the single best location for finding Tier 4 data center colocation solutions.

Seattle Colocation Data Center Facilities

Bypassing Sacramento, CA and moving right onto Seattle, Washington, a colocation seeker should again have no issues finding a top tier facility. With great proximity to west coast colocation Canadian markets as well as Portland, Oregon and California connections, Seattle is a prime location for finding excellent data center facilities with access to both west coast and international markets. Again, like Los Angeles, CA and San Francisco, CA, Seattle is comprised of top data center providers. All the usual suspects hold shop in the city (Terremark, CenturyLink, TierPoint etc.) as well as some lesser known yet just as powerful providers (FiberCloud, Optic Fusion, Ubiquity etc.) populate Seattle.


All in all, finding excellent west coast colocation facilities on the west coast shouldn’t prove all that hard for the eager researcher. As always, if you need a hand picking your facility of choice, feel free to reach out to QuoteColo. We will happily give you a hand.

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