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Five Biggest Benefits of Server Virtualization

Posted by QuoteColo on October 07, 2014

Five Biggest Benefits of Server Virtualization

Server virtualization is changing businesses and making IT management far easier for companies of all sizes. These massive changes to technology are providing companies with a host of benefits across the board. The following are five of the biggest benefits you will find from using virtualization in your business.

Cost Reduction

Consider the amount your company is spending on server hardware right now, as well as the costs for staff to watch and maintain that server. For many companies, the cost is quite high, especially considering the percentage of the server potential that’s actually used. Do you need a full on-site server with all of that space? Many companies find that by using virtual servers instead, they are able to save on the costs of running their business. They also do not have to worry about the physical space the server takes up at the company. Going virtual can provide some incredible savings.

It’s Faster

Another one of the benefits from server virtualization is the fact that deploying them is faster and easier. It takes far less time to clone a machine than it would to do the same with a physical server. Those who are using virtual technology find the entire process faster and easier. Since the server is virtual, there is no need to find space for it, making sure the environment is the right temperature, and trying to install it.

No Disaster You Can’t Handle

The thought of a disaster that wipes out your information is enough to send shivers up the spines of most business owners. Those who had physical servers would always worry about flood, fire, and other issues that could damage the server and wipe out the information. With virtual servers and redundant copies of your information, there is no worry. You should always have a backup ready to go even if something were to happen to one instance of your data. This is impossible with physical servers.

Reduction in Energy Usage

When you have physical servers on your property, they use a substantial amount of energy. It takes energy to power the servers, and it takes energy to keep the server room at a cool temperature. By going virtual, it becomes possible to reduce the amount of energy your company is using, and this is yet another way to reduce your overall costs.

Productivity Increase

Server virtualization also helps to increase the productivity of staff in your company as well, and it can do so in a couple of ways. First, it frees the IT staff to deal with problems other than server maintenance and fixes. Second, your staff that uses information on the virtual servers will always have access. With a physical server, if there was an issue and it was down, it could mean your employees had nothing to do during the day. This downtime results in wasted hours. Even if you have just ten employees, if all of them are unable to work for an eight-hour day, you’ve lost 80 hours.

When you examine all of these different benefits, it is easy to see just how beneficial server virtualization could be for your business. You always want to take the time to check out the various options you have available for entering the virtual world for your business. Check the reviews of different virtualization services and see which one is really the best option for your business given your size, your current needs, and your potential for growth.

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