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Full Rack Colocation is an Investment In…

Posted by QuoteColo on September 28, 2013 - Updated on September 25, 2013

full rack colocation

Colocation can be a tricky thing. Outside of the price of colocation solutions, beyond the bandwidth benefits of colocation services and after the considerations of power, choosing to utilize colocation solutions should come down to one thing – how much is your business going to grow?

Colocation is an Investment in Trust

Beyond all other web hosting solutions, making the choice to utilize colocation services is making a choice to change your internal business model. Investing in colocation providers and data center solutions means, as a company, you have made the choice to trust a data center provider with your critical IT business needs. It means trusting a web hosting firm with your exchange server, your telephony servers, your web hosting servers and all of your networking needs.

More than any other major web hosting service, colocation is fully entrusting the IT solutions you rely on to complete day-to-day business operations into the hands of another. More than any other web hosting service, colocation is an investment in trust.

Colocation is an Investment in Data Center Technologies

More than being an investment in trust, investing in full rack colocation is investing in the data center where your full rack colocation solutions are located. The backbone of every great colocation provider is the data center facility they operate out of. But before investing in colocation services you need to ask yourself the following questions concerning your web hosting provider’s data center facility:

–          What tier of data center do they operate out of? Tier 1? Tier 2? Tier 3? Tier 4?

–          Are your full rack colocation solutions located in a data center with fully redundant power, cooling and data services?

–          Are your full rack colocation services located in a data center facility, which provides data security through disaster recovery techniques?

Full Rack Colocation in an Investment in Growth

As previously eluded to, full rack colocation services are an investment in growth. What do we mean by this? In terms of colocation, most providers are going to offer you different levels of colocation: Single server colocation, ¼ rack colocation, half rack colocation and full rack colocation. The differences in terms of space and compute resources are simple. The more servers you invest in, full rack colocation vs. single rack, the more compute resources you have to utilize.

This said, the major sticking point with investing in colocation providers comes in the form of what your company will be doing in future. When we say colocation is an investment, what we really mean to say is full rack colocation is an investment in the future of your company. Investing in full rack colocation solutions, even when you might only need a half rack, means you are making a promise to grow your company. Investing in full rack colocation services is a bet that your company will need all of the compute resources provided by a full rack.

Sure you could invest in a quarter rack and you could invest in single server colocation yet if you mean to grow, it’s a bad investment.

Investing is a bet for future growth. Full rack colocation represents that growth.

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