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Google, SaaS and the Rise of Social Productivity Apps

Posted by QuoteColo on January 23, 2014 - Updated on January 17, 2014

google, saas and the rise of productivity apps

Maybe you have heard about Google + (sometimes written Google Plus). Maybe you are an active member of Google + and maybe you only love Facebook or Twitter. However you feel about Google Plus, please take note, if you actively use the Google Cloud storage solution known as Google Drive, Google Plus might start popping up in your life more and more.

Recently announced, Google has plans to make its SaaS based Cloud storage solution, along with its SaaS based Cloud productivity suite (Google Docs) a more socially enriching experience. To do this, much like Google Plus users currently see recent activities conducted by friends and coworkers on the social network, Google Drive and Docs will begin to show an activity stream to users. This means, anytime another person connected to your Drive or Docs account does work on a file, presentation, spreadsheet etc., a notification will pop up alerting you to the action. Under this notification, users will be able to leave comments and post ideas concerning the shared project in question.

The idea behind turning Google Drive and Docs into a more social driven SaaS product is simple: make collaboration as simple as possible. Instead of keeping collaboration locked inside of Google Drive or Docs, the application of a social notification channel to the SaaS Cloud suite allows for more real time interaction. This interaction is meant to mimic how real work place work collaboration happens – during everyday conversations.

So, what does the addition of a social channel to Google’s SaaS based productivity suite mean?

Google Productivity Suite Finally Gets It

The inclusion of a Google Plus like social channel to Google’s main SaaS productivity suite is the search giant’s effort to make real time communication more lifelike. For consumers, this means one of two things:

1) For consumers who are already using Google Plus, the change to Google’s Cloud productivity suite should mean next to nothing. With over 540 million active users on Google’s social network, the change will signal greater inclusion across Google’s products. Beyond simple social notification, the change signals the search giants need to unify all products under one roof. From Gmail, to Google Plus, to Google Hangouts, to Google Docs and the Google Search Engine, the addition of social notifications to Google Drive should signal unification of products to those who already use Google Plus.

2) For consumers who aren’t already using Google Plus, the change to Google’s Cloud productivity suite will mean one of two things: Either, those consumers will look at the addition as just another way in which Google is trying to push their users on Google Plus or they will react with passive indifference. For the first category, the addition will frame itself in the form of anger. The reason for this anger: If you don’t use Google Plus, you most likely hate it. And no one wants to be forced into something they hate.

The truth is, when it comes to Google’s Cloud products, they have a habit of forcing their hand. Google has made it their M.O. to jam new products down the throats of the Internet until they like it. Some consumers, those already using Google Cloud social network, won’t mind this. Everyone else – roughly 6.5 billion of us – will hate it.

That said, even though we aren’t tremendous fans of Google’s Social Network, we can see where Google is coming from. The effort to make Cloud based collaboration suites more akin to real life work collaboration is a great goal. Now the only question is, will social notifications work to mimic real life collaboration and thus make it more fluid or, like Google Plus, will it serve the masses as nothing more than a product overstepping its reach?

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