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The High Cost of Website Downtime

Posted by QuoteColo on September 16, 2020 - Updated on February 20, 2023
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The High Cost of Website Downtime

Having a website that is down is more than just an inconvenience. It is also likely going to cost your company a substantial amount of money. When the site is down, it means that customers and clients will not be able to access it. We live in a world where we want things instantly, so you can be sure that customers are not going to be happy when your site is down. Many of them will simply head to another site and spend their money elsewhere.

It may also mean that your employees are unable to make needed changes or updates to the site, such as not being able to post new blogs or product reviews. When a website is down, it slows down everything and costs money.

Customers today expect that you will have 100% uptime. They are worried about getting what they need from your site, and they aren’t usually forgiving even if you have to do updates or you are dealing with a virus that has caused issues with your server.

Website providers today will often claim that they can give you up to 99% uptime, which sounds great. You might think that this means your website will only suffer from about 1% of downtime. However, you have to think about what that downtime equals. Each month, this could equal days of downtime. Most of the time, it’s not this serious, but being down for even a few hours can cost you a substantial amount of money.

If a company says they can provide 99% uptime, it still means that there will be seven hours and 12 minutes a month that the site may be offline. At 99.9%, this drops to 43 minutes and 12 seconds. 99.99% equals four minutes and 19 seconds of monthly downtime, and 99.999% uptime means that the downtime will be only 26 seconds a month. It’s possible to find uptimes that are higher, but they are rare.

Always try to find companies that will be able to offer greater than 99% uptime for the best results. Still, there may be times that you are down whether it is for scheduled maintenance, a natural disaster, or any number of other reasons.

What Causes Downtime?

There is no single issue responsible for all downtime issues. Instead, many different factors could cause problems for you. Perhaps there are issues with the hardware that you are using. It might be an outside attack, an Internet outage, or even human error.

If you are dealing with a provider that has caused you to have downtime, and it happens more frequently than you can afford, you need to get to the bottom of the problem. What’s the issue that is causing the downtime? Understanding the cause can help you determine whether you should switch providers. Of course, the overall amount of downtime that your site is suffering is also going to be an indicator that you may need to change providers.

How Much Are You Actually Losing?

How much will website downtime cost your company? There is no hard and fast number that will apply to all companies today because companies are making different amounts of money per hour and per day. A large company like Amazon that relies on Internet sales is going to lose far more in an hour than a small company that sells candles online, for example.

To determine what the website being down will cost you, you need to consider how much your company is making per hour from online sales, and then extrapolate that number for the course of the entire outage. This can give you a rough idea of how much you have lost in pure sales.

However, you also have to think about the loss of customer confidence. If you have a website that is down for several hours or longer, a customer who visits during that time will not have faith that your company can deliver. They will wonder what the problem is, they will worry that your site might not be secure enough for them, and they will likely want to take their business elsewhere. It’s the same thing that you would probably do if you found a company that had a down website. Why waste your time and money?

Always Choose the Best

When you are choosing a provider to host your website, you will want to make sure you are always finding a company that has the highest amount of uptime possible. However, you have to go beyond just the uptime when making your choice. You also have to consider all of the other features and options that the provider can offer including their level of security. Don’t look for a budget provider if you want to have the most uptime possible.


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