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High Density Colocation Providers

Posted by QuoteColo on September 12, 2012 - Updated on February 20, 2023

Today, IT personnel have a plethora of servers to choose from for their growing IT data center infrastructure. Due to the scalability, redundancy, ease of use and justified return on investment, dense per U servers and blade chassis are the top choice for savvy companies looking to grow their data centers. Blades and per U servers offer great advantages for the end user but present many challenge for many of the legacy data center operators. For example, most of the original Level 3 data centers were built to accommodate a single 15a 120v power circuit for a full cabinet. Clients are required to buy additional cabinet space to house their added power requirements. This is not an economical solution for the end user. In  this article, we will examine a few local and nationwide high density colocation providers in the domestic United States…

In New England, Access Northeast offers it clients anywhere from 8 to 12kw per cabinet. Power can be handed off in either 120v or 208v. They have become a top choice for Boston enterprise companies looking for a high dense and reliable data center infrastructure outside of Boston proper.

In  the New York metro area, Net Access recently opened a high density tier 3 rated data center in Parsippany, NJ. Their secure cabinets support up to 20kw of power which is almost 5xs more than a facility offering 40amp power per rack. Along with this high density environment, Net Access also offers metered power which allows clients the flexibility to pay for the amount of power they actually consume versus a flat per month rate.

In the DC and northern VA area, many data centers cater to high density colocation clients. Net2ez offers 14kw in Reston, VA and 22kw (per cabinet) in Ashburn, VA. Top ranked  Equinix in Ashburn can offer up to 10kw per cabinet and cross connects to 100+ tier one global telecom providers.

In the Chicagoland area, 360tcs operates a SSA16 Type II compliant in Lombard, IL. Clients can receive up to 32kw per cabinet which is up to 32,000 watts! As of June 2012, 360tcs logged 45 straight months of 100% uptime which is a very remarkable feat in today’s data center marketplace.

On the West Coast, Fortune Data Centers operates two large wholesale data centers in San Jose, CA and Hillsboro, OR  that cater to large enterprises and telecom providers. Minimum engagements start at 1000kw and they can go up to 40kw per cabinet. Netriver offers SAS70 type II compliant data centers in Seattle, WA and Spokane, OR. Half and full cabinets can receive up to 10kw of power.

These are just a few examples. The data center market is constantly growing and new power dense facilities are being built each year. Please gives us a call or shoot us a request and we will do our best to respond quickly so that we can find you the best data center facility in your requested area.

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