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High-Powered Mining Rigs Drive Bitcoin’s Accelerating Hashrate

Posted by QuoteColo on October 04, 2019 - Updated on September 25, 2019

Those who are already Bitcoin miners, and those who have been watching this field from afar, know that there has been a massive increase in the hashrate as of late. In fact, on August 19, the combined SHA-256 hashrate between the BCH and BTC networks was the highest it has ever been at 91 exahash per second or EH/s. This is a seriously impressive feat, and one of the biggest reasons this is happening is because of the new mining rigs that are on the market.

Miners Know the Importance of New, Faster Technology

These new rigs are highly robust and they can produce an impressive number of terahash per second. One of the latest releases is from Pangolin. The Microbt Whatsminer M20S has been able to generate between 68 and 70 TH/s. This is the most powerful of the new models, and it is still available for purchase.

New technologies are changing the ways that people are mining for Bitcoin. We’ve already seen several changes, even just in the last couple of years with the new and used ASICs that are on the market. Today, many quality manufacturers make new and powerful miners, such as the aforementioned Pangolin, Innosilicon, Strongu, and Bitmain.

Each of those companies has created new miners in 2019. Because of the power that these machines like the S9 can provide, they do tend to sell out rather quickly. People who are involved in mining cryptocurrency know that their success or failure will always depend on the power of the machines that they are using.

Those who are serious about the field and who have the cash will buy more powerful machines as soon as they are available. Of course, with more power, the price increases, as well. Most of the time, the highest-powered machines will cost thousands of dollars.

There are many great choices available, or that will be coming to the market. There are Antminer models that are coming out that will have more than 50 TH/s. The ASICminer 8 Nano Pro will be one of the most powerful SHA-256 miners available, as it will have 76 TH/s. While these machines are powerful, they are incredibly costly, especially on the secondary market.

Some of the other impressive options on the market include Antminer S17. The three models can offer 50, 53, and 56 TH/s. These machines are estimated to be able to bring in more than $7 a day.

What About Older Mining Rigs?

While there is always the temptation to buy new mining rigs to keep up with the technological needs, there are still some older models that are available that can still hold their own. They may not have a high TH/s like the newer models, and they might be making less per day. However, if they are already in use, or if there are cheap options to buy those machines, they could still be an excellent solution to continue mining as the hashrate is rising.


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