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Hong Kong Colocation

Hong Kong Colocation
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Hong Kong Colocation

Many Hong Kong companies gain great advantages from colocation services. Whether you are a technology-related business that cannot afford the time and hours to constantly maintain hardware as well as create content or simply do not have the space for your growing technological needs in your own building, colocation can be a great solution for those who need to move or outsource their IT or web hosting functions.

Make a Choice – However, in such an urban and populous area as Hong Kong, there are so many options for Hong Kong colocation services that it can be difficult to even find them all, much less decide which is best for your company.

No Obligation Information – That’s where QuoteColo comes in. For no charge and with no long-term obligations, QuoteColo will find and give information for the colocation services in your company’s area. This includes pricing information, so you can easily compare rates all in one place.

As an example, here are a few colocation providers located in Hong Kong:

  • 9th Hoi Shing Road
  • 1 Wang Wo Tsai Street
  • 1 Watson Centre, No. 16-22 Kung Yip Street
  • 399 Chai Wan Road

Hong Kong was an area of China, but became colony of Britain after 1842. It was taken by the Japanese during WWII, then controlled by Britain again until 1997, and it is now a Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, meaning that it is allowed sovereignty in everything except for foreign affairs and defense, which are controlled by China.

Hong Kong is now a leading business center of the international market, with trade from around the world. With so many companies having facilities there, it is no problem to find a colocation facility. Find the right one with QuoteColo’s help by calling 888-400-5732 or by filling in the contact form for more information.