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How Does Colocation Work?

Posted by QuoteColo on April 07, 2014

 how does colocation work

So, you’re the type of do it yourself man who wants to have the best web hosting services around with the ability to manage your own hardware and software inside of a tier 3, tier 3 + or tier 4 data center? Well, if the responsibility and technical knowhow of managing your own web hosting hardware and software sounds like a good deal to you, investing in colocation solutions might be the path for you.

Managed Hosting vs. Colocation 

It’s possible for web hosting clients to mix up Managed Hosting and Colocation. Managed Hosting, unlike Colocation, is a web hosting set up in which the client pays the server hosting company to manage all of the hardware, the software, the backbone Internet connection, any upgrades, all server backups etc. Managed web hosting enables data center providers to fully manage client server solutions while also allowing clients to use that hardware and software to establish their own websites, databases, email needs etc.

Managed web server hosting, as the name suggests, is managed by the clients chosen data center provider to ensure everything is done properly.

Colocation, on the other hand, is all hands off.

Investing in colocation web hosting services means the client is in charge of all the hardware and software needed to run any web hosting operations. In addition, investing in colocation solutions means the client is in charge of properly setting up, installing and configuring purchased web server solutions. To help clients, colocation providers will provide consumers with space in their data center, redundant power capabilities, lower bandwidth costs and a direct uplink port for network connection. In addition, the colocation provider is in charge of security concerns and data center facility upkeep.

Outside of this, every aspect of colocation web server hosting is firmly placed on the client. 

Difference Between Colocation Hosts 

Like any web hosting solution, there are major differences between colocation hosting companies. It goes without saying that some colocation web server companies will be more expensive than others. The important aspect of this conversation isn’t the price difference in colocation providers; it’s understanding why some providers are more expensive than others.

There are two main reasons for the cost difference between colocation providers:

  1. DataCenter Facilities
  2. Power 

The major reason a client will pay more for colocation services is due to the data center that their hosting company operates out of. In short, data centers operate on a tiered level. The higher the tier (tier 4 is the highest), the better the data center. Likewise, the lower data center tier (tier 1 is the lowest), the worse the data center. To check out our full guide to understanding data center tiers, click here.

The other major reason a client will pay more for colocation solutions is due to power costs. Make no mistake about it; the most expensive aspect of colocation web hosting is power. As your web server will be running 24/7/365, it needs to have power directly fed into it round the clock. Not only does your colocation server need power 24/7/365, it also needs to be cooled.

The combination of power and cooling with the level of data center your web hosting provider operates out of will determine the price you pay for colocation solutions.

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