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How Much Does Colocation Cost in New York City?

Posted by QuoteColo on December 30, 2013
how much does colocation cost in new york city

If you live in or around the New York City Metropolitan area and are in need of excellent web hosting colocation solutions, New York City has you covered. From 60 Hudson Street, to the Weehawken, NJ colocation data center facility providers, the New York City Metropolitan area offers colocation services of all varieties and price points. In a city as large and well connected as NYC, New York colocation services can run the spectrum from a single 1U server costs $75 per month to a multiple colocation deployment costing hundreds and thousands of dollars per month.

This said, we are going to take the time to run through various price points of New York colocation services by demand – 1U and ¼ colocation cabinet. To learn more about New York Colocation facilities, check out our NYC Colocation page.

New York City 1U Server Colocation Pricing

Finding 1U server colocation solutions in New York City is not that simple. The larger colocation data centers such as Equinix, DRT, Internap, Telehouse, etc., do not offer per U options because they prefer larger clients.  In that case, you need to find resellers that operate out of those quality facilities that offer per U options. out of Equinix offers per U colocation starting at $99 a month.

Regardless of what provider you seek, pricing for 1U server colocation in New York City will range from $75 – $110 per month.

New York City ¼ Cabinet Colocation Pricing

Moving up the line of services, investing in ¼ cabinet colocation in New York City will provide your company with both higher services and higher costs. For example, MetaNetHosting supplies web hosting colocation consumers with a 10Mbps bandwidth port, 5 IP addresses, 10 POP accounts, 24/7/365 colocation server monitoring, 5A 120w AC power and unlimited remote hands for  $495.00 per month with a $495.00 set up fee.

Like most great New York City colocation companies, MetaNetHosting provides clients with the ability to increase their ¼ cabinet colocation needs to encompass a private locked ¼ colocation cabinet at a cost of $595.00 per month with a $495.00 set up fee.

Another choice for ¼ cabinet colocation in New York City is When it comes to ¼ colocation servers in NYC, offers their consumers with the option of 329 Gigabytes, a 1,000 Gigabytes, and a 1,6000 Gigabytes bandwidth transfer rate. For the 320GB deployment, charges $300 per month with a $150 setup. For the 1,000GB deployment, charges $450 per month with a $150 setup and for the 1,600GB ¼ colocation cabinet setup, charges $550 per month with a $150 setup.

Regardless of the provider, ¼ cabinet colocation in New York City will run anywhere from $300 per month to $550 per month.

New York City Full Cabinet Colocation Pricing

If you are in the market for even greater colocation solutions, like a full colocation cabinet, the majority of New York City colocation providers supply full cabinets at a range of $600 – $1100 per cabinet. As with all levels of colocation services, full cabinets will provide consumers with various bandwidth specs.

As you can see, regardless of the amount of colocation solutions you need, New York City will provide you with the best price points in the industry.

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