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How Much Hosting Bandwidth Do I Need?

Posted by QuoteColo on October 01, 2013 - Updated on October 01, 2013

 how much hosting bandwidth do I need?

Oh bandwidth. As the number one colocation review site on the Internet, here at Quotecolo we get a ton of questions about the amount of bandwidth clients need when investing in web hosting and colocation solutions. Now, while we would love to tell you there is a one size fits all answer to the question of, “how much hosting bandwidth do I need?” the truth is, there isn’t one. Moreover, when it comes to determining how much hosting bandwidth you need, your search will begin and end internally.

Within the web hosting and colocation communities, providers want to make a profit. Like any business, dedicated hosting bandwidth is sold to the public as a for profit solution. This means that companies sell packaged bandwidth plans to consumers knowing, in general, they are selling them more bandwidth then they actually need. As it goes with GoDaddy bandwidth plans and Bluehost bandwidth packages, hosting companies sell compute resources in tethered together packages. This means while you might need a server with 6GB of Memory, 60GB of Disk Space and 2 CPU Cores, you might not need that package with 4TB of Bandwidth however as most hosting plans are sold in tethered packages, clients have no choice.  

Why You Don’t Need 4TB of Bandwidth

Bandwidth allotments are determined by data transfer rate your website needs to successfully carry data from one point to another. In English, bandwidth means how fast your website resources will be shown to your website viewer, i.e. how your company video highlighting your core offerings will play. This being said, the main reason you don’t need unlimited bandwidth plans or high bandwidth compute resources is because most websites are too bare bones to need a tremendous amount of bandwidth to run properly.

As the majority of business sites are only a few pages deep and made up of 70% words and 30% low intensive graphics (images), the bandwidth needs for most personal blogging and ecommerce sites are minimal at best. The only reason for a web hosting client to purchase 4TB and up is if that client has a massive site, a video heavy website or experiences massive amounts of traffic on a monthly basis. For large scale corporate websites and websites like the massively popular Buzzfeed, bandwidth is highly important however for the personal blogger or mom and pop shop with limited traffic, high bandwidth resources make no sense.

How Do I Determine How Much Bandwidth My Website Needs?

The answer to finding out how much bandwidth your website needs comes in the form of monitoring your website on a monthly basis. Simply put, to determine how much bandwidth your website needs to operate properly, monitor your site for three months to see how much bandwidth, on average, it needs to run. Once you know that number, purchase a bandwidth allotment a bit above your need. Do this to account for any peaks in traffic or normally variations.

Additionally, another way to calculate how much bandwidth your site is going to need to operate properly is using a basic bandwidth calculator. Multiple bandwidth calculators can be found by conducting a controlled Google search for, “bandwidth calculator”.

How Much Hosting Bandwidth Do I Need, Again?

Bandwidth needs, like snowflakes, are all unique. The amount of bandwidth your website and your server is going to need to operate is going to be wholly different than the next website. Due to this, monitor your website, learn how much bandwidth your site needs and buy accordingly.

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