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How Much Should I Expect to Pay For Colocation Services in Toronto?

Posted by QuoteColo on December 18, 2013

how much should i expect to pay for colocation services in toronto

If you are in the market for Toronto colocation solutions yet you aren’t sure what you should pay for those colocation data center services, you have come to the right place. With multiple data centers and colocation providers based in and around Toronto, paying the right price for your web hosting needs will come down to playing market providers against one another and understanding the services you require as opposed to the solutions Toronto colocation hosts provide.

Understanding Your Colocation Need

Before we can get into the web hosting providers based in and around Toronto, we first have to discuss how your colocation and web hosting needs will impact the price of your chosen data center provider. Much like Cloud Hosting, colocation solutions will depend on how much space you need to grow matched with your current need. Point in case, currently your company might be utilizing a single rack of colocation servers to house your business data solutions however; in the future you have plans to grow. This means, when you invest in your Toronto colocation provider, you want to invest for the future and purchase more space than you are currently utilizing.

This point is critical: investing in Toronto data center colocation solutions is an investment in the current and what is to come. You have plans to grow your company. Your colocation web host needs to have plans to accommodate your growth from a single colocation rack to multiple cabinets and possibly, an entire isle or dedicated colocation server room.

Understanding the Toronto Colocation Market

Before you begin to look at how much Toronto colocation services will cost your company on a monthly basis, research the Toronto data center landscape to understand how many providers are in the greater Toronto, Scarborough, Etobicoke and Mississauga area. Through using the basic search capabilities of Google or through utilizing the QuoteColo Toronto Colocation guide, you can begin to gain an understanding of the market.

It should be noted; all said the Toronto colocation marketplace is immense. Within the larger Toronto Metropolitan area, there are roughly 25 plus data center providers all operating colocation data centers of various tiers. With so many options, do not get discouraged or overwhelmed in your search to secure Toronto web hosting services. Rather, use the numbers for your gain.

Toronto Colocation Pricing by Services

While we aren’t going to get specific on pricing by providers, we will provide you with examples of what to look for in terms of Toronto colocation pricing by services. As Toronto is a 2nd tier market (New York City, Los Angeles, London etc. are 1st Tier Markets), colocation costs will not bleed you dry. For example, if you are looking to invest in colocation services with a top Toronto colocation provider like Peer 1 Hosting, for a quarter cabinet with 20 amps, you can expect to pay in the vicinity of $400 – $500 per month. Moreover, bandwidth rates will run around $30 – $40/mbit per month. Depending on transfer, you can calculate price.

This said, is that a good price for colocation solutions in Toronto with an industry leader? Yes. Can you find cheaper? Sure.

If you were to spring for the exact same colocation infrastructure deployment with a less noted provider like Primus, you could expect your monthly rate to drop by as much as $100 – $250 per month. But a question comes into play here, why would you spend less on your colocation provider when you invest so much time and effort into your company? Why settle when so much is riding on your data solutions?

As you can see, colocation pricing in Toronto will be largely determined on the provider you choose and the services you need. There isn’t a one price fits all solution. Sorry.

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