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How the Cloud Is Changing Business Operations

Posted by QuoteColo on February 12, 2014 - Updated on February 03, 2014

how the cloud is changing business operations

Cloud Computing carries with it the ability to shake up the way the world conducts business. Although the technology is just catching on, since 2004, Cloud platforms have been actively disrupting and changing the way multiple business departments conduct their daily affairs. From the sales team, to the marketing team to the onsite IT team, Cloud platforms will continue to evolve day-to-day business strategies. Here’s how.

The Cloud and Sales Departments

The largest disruption to how sales departments conduct business has come by way of, one of the most profitable SaaS based Cloud services, allows sales agents across every industry to more accurately keep track of their sales prospects and goals. Through the Cloud based application, has empowered sales teams across every industry to maximize customer knowledge, spending habits and economic data to bring those customers further into the sales channel.

With its internal log of conversation and interaction history, sales teams have the ability to pick up with a potential customer where they left off. With, the sales process has never been so accessible and easy.

The Cloud and Marketing Departments

They say sales and marketing are two ugly stepchildren of the same mother. One pushes products you don’t really need and the other one reaches into your pocket. When it comes to change, nothing in business has been impacted more by Cloud technologies than internal marketing departments. Whereas marketing would contact consumers via well placed television/radio ads or email campaigns, now marketing departments reach clients and potential clients through free social media channels.

Through the use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, Linkedin, Snapchat and Pinterest, marketing departments now have the ability to leverage Cloud based social platforms to contact the market through direct communication, purchased ads and/or community interactions. Through these interactions, analytical marketing minds using Big Data software gain the ability to understand market need and use that need to tailor company offerings.

While hashtags and Twitter might be annoying, for the marketing department looking to gain virility along with a branded community, the Cloud has come through in a big way.

The Cloud and IT Departments

This section might scare the IT professionals out there. For the IT professional working to maintain the internal IT needs of a company, the Cloud poses a tough question: do you make use of Cloud Computing technology to make your company IT solutions more powerful while risking your job to do so, or do you forgo Cloud solutions and continue to maintain your IT needs internally?

On one hand, new Cloud technologies can pose a threat to your job and the overall internal IT department and on the other, new Cloud services can make your department that much stronger. The question is, what do you do?

If you are like most companies, the Cloud has been a savior for IT. Not only has it allowed smaller companies to have the IT resources of a global player, it has also opened up the idea of third party firms hosting your IT needs via Cloud based platforms. This combination streamlines onsite IT services while also reducing cost of overall IT needs. With more and more companies slated to move into the Cloud in 2014 (projected revenue for corporate Cloud solutions by 2020 hover in the hundred billion range), the internal IT department will undergo the largest shift in day-to-day operations.

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