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How to Find the Best Dedicated Server Reviews

Posted by QuoteColo on November 22, 2013 - Updated on March 03, 2016

dedicated server reviews

Here’s the thing, we could use this space to review the best dedicated server companies on the market or we could use this space to review the best cheap dedicated server web hosting companies on the market yet, we’ve done that before. Due to our blogging history and the fact that you have undoubtedly read a ton of reviews on dedicated server hosting companies like Rackspace, SingleHop, DedicatedNOW, HostGator and InMotionHosting, we are going to use this space to chat about what to look for in good colocation reviews and how to tell if dedicated hosting reviews are real or company manufactured.

Web Hosting Reviews

Before investing in dedicated server hosting, it is up to you to do your homework and research the best dedicated server solutions which fit your needs. This is important. All too often companies and consumers purchase dedicated web hosting services based upon the price and resources as opposed to matching your needs to those resources. Point in case, the unique selling point of dedicated web hosting services comes in the form of dedicated resources. When you purchase a dedicated server, whether you need an Intel Xeon Core processor with 16GB of RAM, 10TB Bandwidth and 4 CPU cores or not, the resources you purchase are dedicated. Point in case, when scanning dedicated server hosting review sites, make sure you need the dedicated resources providers are offering.

Another major aspect of web hosting reviews is always price. Right off the bat you need to understand that virtual dedicated servers will be more expensive than their virtual shared hosting counterparts. Due to the physicality of dedicated resources, all dedicated web hosting reviews will complain about how expensive dedicated servers are. It should be noted, if you’re in the market to invest in dedicated server solutions, you have to realize you’re making a long term investment, not a month-to-month purchase. While it’s true that colocation reviews and web hosting reviews complain about the cost of dedicated servers, clients need to realize you pay a higher cost for a greater allotment of resources, security and control over a long period of time.

Aside from matching your need to a dedicated server provider and understanding dedicated hosting review complaints on price, the other major thing you need to know about web hosting reviews is that they are, in many cases, written by the company in question.

Self-Written Dedicated Hosting Reviews

Now, in some cases web hosting reviews are written by independent consumers and independent companies how make their living off of traffic and advertising. Yet, in most cases, dedicated server hosting reviews tend to be written by the hosting companies themselves guised under the name of an “independent” review site. The quickest way to tell a false review of a dedicated web host tends to be a review which focuses solely on one provider. In most cases, this means the review writer either a) received a free dedicated server to review from the company in question, b) exchanged a dedicated server contract for a positive review (a company uses a dedicated server for six months on the condition of a beneficial review) or c) the web hosting review site allows the dedicated server company to write a review in exchange for prime placement on the host companies website.

These schemes are often and numerous. This said, the best way to get an accurate representation of dedicated server reviews and dedicated server solutions is to go online to web hosting forums to chat with current solution users. While most forums, like most hosting review sites, are paid for and hosted by large players within the industry, they still grant you the ability to talk to unbiased dedicated solution users.

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