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Is Sage CRM a Wise Decision?

Posted by QuoteColo on September 09, 2014 - Updated on September 02, 2014

Is Sage CRM a Wise Decision?

Companies today are always looking for an edge, a way to stay ahead of, or at least on par with the competition. This is not always an easy feat to manage, but it does not have to be impossible. When you look for a high quality cloud based CRM solution, you can make some marked improvements without spending a great deal of time or money. One of the ways that more than 14,000 companies around the world are doing this right now is with the help of Sage CRM. They are boosting sales, targeting their market, getting social and making the most out of the cloud technology. The service actually works quite similarly to, which is a highly popular option. However, the costs are a bit less with Sage.


Benefits of Using Sage


The system has several goals for customers. It helps to improve overall sales performance by making it easier to manage the business and the salespeople. The system provides far more organization and easy access to things such as contacts, sales reports, calendars, and more. The sales reps working for your company are able to access the system whether they are in the office at their desk or on the road and using a mobile application. Users will also find that they have a much better way of targeting the right types of customers for their business.


Since you can gather information on customers and see which factors help to make the “perfect” customer, it then becomes much easier to market the business.


The mobile aspect of Sage CRM is one of the best selling points. Since it is cloud technology, it means that you should be able to access it from anywhere, theoretically. If you have a phone, tablet, or laptop, you will be able to get onto the site even while away from the office. Since many sales reps spend a large chunk of time in the field, this is a very handy and helpful feature. It can help them to become more productive, have more leads, and ultimately to make more sales.


Yet another feature that can help you to gain more leads is the email marketing option. Email marketing is still a very popular and very viable choice, and Sage lets users create and send emails right from within their CRM interface. It makes it possible for your business to deliver emails that are timely and personal all quite quickly. It will utilize information from the software to personalize the emails for you.


Another thing to consider is social media. By combining social and CRM, you can make social media really start to work for you, and that’s just what this system is offering. You can’t ignore social media. You need to start using it smartly, and the social collaboration tools offered with Sage CRM will make that so much easier to handle. The tools will allow you to discover more leads as well. You can work with some of the world’s most popular social networking sites, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


One of the most important benefits, and one that customers really love, is the CRM Builder. It allows users to plan events, run training courses, manage equipment and products, keep an eye on projects, and even track the competition. It helps you manage many different aspects of your business and to keep everything nice and organized. It is not always easy to do this without dedicated software, and now you don’t have to attempt it without a quality management solution thanks to Sage.


What Does It Cost?


One of the most important questions that every business will ask when faced with the idea of getting a cloud CRM system is how much it will cost them. Companies want to make sure they are not overspending on the service and that it will actually help them. Fortunately, the current prices for Sage CRM are more than reasonable. Of course, you do have to remember that prices are subject to change. The following are only the current prices. Always look into the full cost before you sign up for Sage or any other service for that matter.


The base cost for Sage CRM Professional is $45 per user per month. This offers users the ability to manage customers, receive support, and have access to the Sage CRM Builder. While this is the most common solution, they do have an option for Sage CRM On-Premise. Because each company is unique though, the pricing for this service will vary. In order to discuss pricing and to get a demo, it’s best to call the company rather than attempt to figure out how much something might cost through anecdotal evidence from other businesses.


Quality Security and Privacy Is Important


Even though the company might not have the same name power as, they are still a large company with many customers around the world. This means they know just how important your security is and they take it very seriously. The company offers the latest and greatest technologies as a means to keep your information and your company safe and secure, allowing you to have access to your data when you really need it the most. They have a good record of success when it comes to safety and security, so you should not have issues accessing all of the information and data that you need whether you access from your desktop at work or your phone while outside of a client’s office.


Take the 30-Day Trial


Even though you might like the idea of what Sage is offering right now, that does not mean you should necessarily start buying. Thankfully, you have the option of checking out the 30-day free trial, and that is something you should always do. In fact, when you start with the company, you will need to create a trial account before you can buy. Once you start your trial, take the full month to experiment with the system and look at all of the different tools. Examine them and see just how they might be able to help your business. It may also be a very good idea to get your sales reps on board with the idea of using this software now rather than after you start paying for it.


If you like what you are using, you can seamlessly transfer from your trial to your subscription. It’s as easy as that. During that trial, as long as you put the software through its paces and make sure that it actually works for what your company needs, you can make this decision with ease.


Is it the right option for all companies? Obviously, the answer is no. However, it does have some wonderful features that make it a real competitor with and some of the other larger companies out there offering similar services.


Something else that you will want to do when you are considering the service is to look at some of the testimonials from other individuals and companies using the service. See what real users have to say about the pros and the cons of the system. Pair that with your own experience from the trial. Check it out and see if it is what your company needs and then – and only then – can you make an informed decision.

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