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Is Spotify and the Cloud Right for You?

Posted by QuoteColo on August 04, 2014 - Updated on July 29, 2014

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How do you get your music today? To understand just how far the world has come, as well as what makes Spotify one of the new, easier, and many might say better ways to consume music, it’s important to look into the past to see where it all started. In the distant past, people would have to go out to a show or concert hall to experience music, or they would have to play it themselves. After the invention of the earliest record players, people began to collect records. Time moved forward and people bought and used 8-tracks, for a very short period. Then they moved on toward cassettes and eventually CDs.

Each generation thought their system of enjoying music was the best and the easiest. Then came the digital age, when things changed even further. People were able to look for and buy their music digitally, all right from the comfort of their own home. Many thought that this surely must be the pinnacle, the last of the big changes to how we experienced and consumed music.

However, we’ve experienced yet another change, all thanks to cloud technology. With the power of the cloud, you have the ability to access your information – for a variety of different services – no matter where you are and no matter what device you are using. You log into the service and you have access, as simple as that. Spotify, founded in 2006, is a music service that makes use of the cloud, allowing people to access the entire library of songs, currently numbering more than 15 million.

What Features Make Spotify a Good Option?

First, you will have access to more than 15 million songs, which means you should not have any trouble finding your favorites. No matter your mood, it is easy to find something on the site that works well for your listening pleasure. That’s just the beginning of the features that make it a good choice though.

Listeners can create playlists of their favorite songs. They can favorite their albums and follow their favorite artists, so they always keep up to date with the latest music. It’s easy to discover brand new music through the service, as well.

The interface is very clean and simple to use. The search function will bring up the artist, albums, playlists compiled by other users, and more. The service also has a social function, so you can follow other users. Additionally, you can connect with your Facebook account and share with your friends the things that you are listening to now. In fact, after the recent redesign, those friends can do more than just see what you are listening to on the site. They can click play and listen to the song as well, even if they aren’t a member. This increases the number of listens the song has, and it increases the presence and popularity of Spotify.

The radio feature is another good addition. It’s not radio in a traditional sense though. Instead, it takes information based on the types of music you listen to and then creates customized playlists based on your interests. In addition to creating your own playlists, you are also able to create your own radio stations. You can choose to listen to recommended stations, as well as from their genre stations. The genre stations cover a huge variety of different genres. Some of the options you will find include blues, black metal, classical, heavy metal, punk, reggae, soul, and trance. They also have stations based on decade. For example, if you want to listen to some music from the 70s, you would just have to click on the 70s station. It is quite easy.

In addition to listening to your favorite songs, they make it easy to discover new music and to find new favorites. If you want to experience some brand new music, it’s very easy to do with just a couple of clicks, making this a great choice for a true music aficionado.

You will be able to listen to your music anywhere you have a connection… and even if you don’t have a connection in some cases. That’s right, the service lets you download music to your local machine or device so if you don’t have access, you can still listen to those songs. This can be nice for those who are out and who do not want to use up all of their data but who still want to have some of their favorite albums with them.

What Does Spotify Cost?

Those who do not want to pay for the service, or who want to try out the basics first, are able to do so. They have a free plan, which still offers a very robust service. Those on the free service will be able to listen on their desktop and laptop computers, as well as on their mobile devices, such as phones and tablets. The free version will have advertisements in it though, and this is one of the big differences between free and premium.

The premium users, who will pay just $9.99 per month for the service, will also be able to play their music from any device and from anywhere. They do not have any advertisements playing on the service though. Additionally, they can actually download music and listen to the music offline without any loss in quality.

Consider the cost of a single album from a site such as iTunes or Amazon. Most of the new releases cost around the same, or more, than the cost of a single month of service with Spotify. If you bought just one album a month, you would be spending the same as you would if you had a Spotify account. From a financial perspective, it simply makes sense for many people to choose this cloud service rather than buying and downloading individually.

Is It Right for You?

Times have certainly changed from the days when people had to run out to the record store to pick up their favorite artist and bring home a record for a listening party. Spotify is a perfect example of a company that took technology to an entirely different level as a means to really innovate an entire industry.

Spotify has a wealth of features that help to make it a good solution for music lovers today. The company does have a number of competitors, and more seem to be taking to the field every day. Some of the biggest competitors include Google Play Music, All Access and Pandora. Different services may have their own benefits and features that some users might prefer. Consider checking out the pros and cons of all of the other similar services in order to see just which one is right for you. Check out reviews of those other services to see how they compare.

Ultimately, Spotify really is a good deal for those who love music and who want to be able to enjoy a wide range of albums and songs without overspending at some of the download sites out there. Currently, they have more than 750 million users, and this number is growing. Most of those who use the service feel it is a money saver, and that it is convenient. Still, there are those out there who only want to buy CDs, as they want to have physical copies of their music. Having a Spotify account for music that interests you, even though you might not want to buy it, could be nice.

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