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Japan Colocation

Japan Colocation
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Japan Colocation

Japan is a fairly sizable island nation with many different regions that has multiple options for companies looking for colocation hosting. QuoteColo is here to help businesses find a secure and affordable place to host their IT functions or web servers. We cooperate with hundreds of colocation providers to help business select the colocation site that suits their needs the best for the price they can afford.

Choose Wisely at No Cost to You – Best of all, QuoteColo is completely free to use for companies that are looking for colocation services. With QuoteColo, you’ll find all the information you need to make an informed decision about which Japan colocation provider your company will best be able to work with.

Here are just a few examples of colocation centers that can be found in Japan:

  • 4-1-8 Sakae, Naka Ward
  • Meiekiminami, 1 Chome24−30
  • 8 Jōnishi, 6 Chome7−24
  • 2-8-1 Nishishinjuku

Japan has an ancient civilization that developed in relative isolation for hundreds of years. This isolation was largely purposeful, and Japan particularly kept itself close off from most Western nations up until the mid-1800s. Only the Dutch were allowed partial access and trade up until that point. Commodore Matthew Perry was the one to push the opening of Japan and start its transition into the modern era.

Japan has progressed quickly over the years since that time and particularly in the last half-century or so to become a major technological power, full of businesses that can provide excellent and safe IT hosting for other companies. If your company is looking for a colocation partner to outsource its IT functions within Japan, you can search and compare easily with QuoteColo Just fill in our contact form or call 888-400-5732 to find out more about all of the colocation services that QuoteColo knows in Japan and discover which is right for your company.