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Posted by QuoteColo on June 11, 2014 - Updated on June 11, 2014

iStock_000017003347SmallThe Internet is one of the most important aspects of nearly any type of business today. Without a strong presence on the web, many businesses will fail. Most companies know this and they take steps to get online. Many create sites integral to their business, such as online stores, information portals, and more. These pages need to be up and running for their customers all the time. Any downtime at all could cost them substantially. If you are running an online web store, for example, and your site was down for an hour or two, or longer, imagine just how much money you might actually lose in that time.

Stabilization with Colocation

Your site needs to be stable. It needs to be there for the customers whenever they arrive. When you have an onsite server, that’s not always possible. If something were to happen to that server on your site, whether it is a technical problem within the server, or an environmental issue such as a fire or flood, then those customers would not be able to get onto the site. Not only that, but you could lose valuable data, as well. With colocation, your site and data will be far safer.

These services offer redundancy, meaning if there is an issue with one server, then your data can still stream from another server to the customer. They will always be able to access your stores, sites, and other information. This means more uptime for you, and more uptime means more eyes on your content and more profits.

Digital data and digital needs are growing substantially from year to year, and this trend does not appear as though it will be slowing anytime soon. Thus, making changes to the way you do business in terms of your web hosting services is very important. When you do, you will have the peace of mind that this stability can bring. However, this is just the beginning of the benefits that this type of service will offer.

Better for Costs, as Well

Using colocation services is excellent for ensuring your site is always up and running for your customers. However, it can also provide some cost benefits as well, particularly when it comes to IT. With colocation, you do not need to worry about having a server on your site, which will help you to save space, as well as costs of keeping an IT staff at your workplace to deal with the server and any issues that could arise. The data centers are able to perform the monitoring on the site 24hrs a day, seven days a week, all for less than the cost of hiring your own IT staff and housing your own server.

In addition, your bandwidth requirements are likely to be going up as your data grows and as more customers begin accessing your information online. You will find that it is possible to take advantage of better prices and agreements with data center companies that offer this sort of service, as they are competing with one another to provide customers with better bandwidth for the money

When you colocate your IT infrastructure, you will reduce your costs and have comfort in the knowledge that no matter what happens, your site, data, and information are always up and ready for your customers.

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