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Keeping Austin Weird with Colocation

Posted by QuoteColo on April 21, 2014 - Updated on July 06, 2016

keeping austin weird with colocation

We know, a little pun in the title. If you have been to Austin, Texas you know the city slogan is “keep Austin weird”. Known for their amazing BBQ joints, incredible live music scene and wonderfully unique social culture, Austin, TX is a city alone on Texas. While the city is known for its exciting night life and culture, what you might not know about Austin is that like the rest of Texas, the city is home to a few major colocation data center providers.

North of Austin, TX Metro Colocation

Before we get to the main course, let’s chat about the area surrounding the weird city of Austin. If you live a bit north of the city or simply want to invest in data center solutions outside of Austin, TX central, there are three major data centers located north of the weirdness in Jollyville, TX. Two of the colocation facilities are located on the local 183 and one facility is located on Route 1. Of the three, the largest and most known facility north of Austin, TX is the second XO Communication data center located at 11501 Domain Drive. Offering consumers with redundant power and cooling, excellent data backup solutions, the best security practices and lower than industry standard prices, the XO Communications facility is an excellent choice for colocation a bit outside of Austin, TX.

The other two facilities north of Austin are the zColo ZayoDataCenter (7218 McNeil Drive) and the SunGuardDataCenter facility (8025 N I H Highway 35). Both locations supply consumers with a bevy of web hosting services (colocation, managed hosting, Cloud servers, shared hosting etc.) at a lower cost per square foot as compared to facilities located in Austin, TX central.

South of Austin, TX Metro Colocation

Again, if you are looking for colocation web hosting facilities outside of Austin, TX, you might want to venture a bit south to the cities borders. There you will find three major data center facilities and one lesser-known player in the industry. One of the colocation providers of choice, located at 2100 South Highway 35 is the first XO Communications facility. Like the second facility located north of the city, the first XO Communications location is a top of the line, Tier 3+ web hosting location.

However, if you want to get away from XO Communications, located more south east of Austin, TX are two Digital Realty Trust data center facilities (7620 Metro Center Drive and 7500 Metro Center Drive). Both facilities, like the majority of DRT locations, are top of the line fully redundant web hosting locations. Both locations are rated as Tier 3 + and are, for our money, as good as the Austin, TX Metro area will offer.

Lastly, the third facility located south east of the weirdness is the DataFoundryAustinDataCenter (7401-1 E. Ben White Blvd.).

Colocation in Austin, Texas

We have a joke about Austin that states if we lived there, due to the food, night-light and culture, we would be fat, broke and drunk. However, as we don’t live there, we also know there are three data centers located within Austin central which provide clients with excellent solutions. Those providers are ViaWestAustinDataCenter at 205 West 9th Street, AT&T Austin Data Center at 1011 West 5th Street and the PacWestAustinDataCenter at 800 Brazos #460.

Although the providers located inside of Austin, just south of the Austin, TX capitol, aren’t as name famous as XO Communications or Digital Realty Trust, they provide clients with Tier 3 and Tier 3 + facilities supplying colocation, Cloud hosting, shared hosting and managed services.

So, if you live in Austin, TX or the surrounding towns, you have plenty of options when it comes to colocation. And don’t forget, if you don’t like the providers in Austin, both Dallas and Houston – two of the largest web hosting locations in the nation – are only a stones throw down Route 35 and Route 10.

Stay weird Austin. Enjoy your colocation and ribs.



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