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Key Industries Utilizing Server Colocation

Posted by QuoteColo on December 14, 2013 - Updated on December 11, 2013

key industries utilizing server colocation

When you think about server colocation, you think about high allotment of resources, the independence provided to you due security customization, high bandwidth amounts at lower costs and around the clock secure data center facilities with redundant power, cooling and data solutions. With this said, it would make sense that some key industries who utilize server colocation are in need of high resources, scalable solutions and independence through colocation security measures. From government security firms to Wall Street Financial firms and healthcare providers, server colocation hosting supplies clients with the resources and security they need.

Government Security Agencies

This should be a no brainer. Above any other type of server web hosting – shared hosting, Cloud hosting, VPS hosting – server colocation empowers government security firms with the ability to fully secure their colocation servers. One of the main benefits of utilizing web server colocation is the independence data center colocation firms supply their clients with. By allowing clients to install applications, programs and firewalls of their choosing, clients gain security through independence. It would only make sense that a government security agency like the CIA, FBI or NSA would utilize server colocation heavily to secure their interests.

While the security benefits of colocation hosting can be applied across any industry in need of highly secure hosting, when it comes to Wall Street financial firms, colocation server hosting is utilized for another reason.

Wall Street Financial Firms Utilize Colocation Hosting

While Wall Street financial firms make use of server colocation solutions for security reasons, they also utilize colocation hosting services to empower them with resource intensive hosting solutions. For Wall Street day traders and Forex trading firms, conducting millions of trades on a daily basis requires a server colocation platform which is resource intensive and highly scalable. Server colocation hosting provides this platform. By empowering Wall Street day traders and Forex trading firms with a solution high in RAM, Disk, CPU Cores and most importantly bandwidth, Wall Street financial firms can rest assured the millions of trades the conduct on behalf of clients on a daily basis will be accomplished.

It has to be said, while Wall Street financial firms and government security agencies utilize server colocation hosting for both security and resources needs, expanding healthcare firms make use of colocation servers in an effort to gain control over their growing expansion of services.

Healthcare Firms Use Colocation Server Hosting for Scalability

Scalability means everything for expanding companies and corporations. With the Affordable Care Act in full swing, healthcare companies and healthcare insurance companies are experiencing dramatic client growth. This means healthcare providers and insurance firms need scalable colocation services which supply room for rapid growth. A good server colocation provider supplies feeds they need by hosting their solutions in a top tier data center with room to grow.

Unlike Cloud Hosting or VPS hosting wherein scalable means virtual growth, colocation server hosting refers to physically growing how many servers your company has in operation. It means going from a single server to a ¼ colocation rack to a full server colocation rack. It also means growing from a single rack to two cabinets or three cabinets or four. Server colocation scalability means empowering healthcare providers and growing companies with the physical space to grow in a tier 3 or tier 4 data center. This room for growth is why expanding companies utilize server colocation hosting facilities.

So, which companies and industries make use of colocation hosting solutions? The answer is simple – those looking for a stable and secure resource heavy platform allowing for growth to accommodate growing needs. This doesn’t only apply to the aforementioned industries. It applies to any industry or company who fits those needs.

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