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Kiev Colocation Hosting

The largest city in the Ukraine, and the seventh most populated city in all of Europe, Kiev is home to an incredible amount of history and culture. It’s also a very modern city, and plays a crucial role in global trade, as well as in many other areas, from medicine to manufacturing to information technology. As such, more and more businesses are choosing to open or even relocate to the area, and they all find a need for Kiev colocation hosting plans.

The problem here is that choosing the right Kiev colocation hosting provider can be a very real challenge for business owners and decision makers who often know little or nothing about colocation or what makes a good provider. This is where we can help. We can provide your business with the advice, guidance and connections needed to choose an industry-leading colocation provider that offers cutting edge services and solutions.

Expertise – When it comes to experts in the colocation industry, we have over 10 years of experience and relationships with leading providers around the world. As such, we are in the perfect position to help our clients locate the right Kiev colocation hosting provider, the right services, and more.

Customization Matters – With colocation hosting, you might think that you’re stuck with what’s offered, but that’s not the case when you work with us. We’ll strive to create a customized colocation package that speaks to your exact requirements, and includes no features or services that you neither need or use.

The Available Kiev Colocation Hosting Providers

Kiev is home to a very wide range of colocation providers. Some are reputable, but others should be avoided. Some of those you might consider include the following:

  • DC Newtelco Ukraine Gaydara Street 50 01033 Kiev, Ukraine
  • Datacenter Parkovyi 16A Parkova Doroga Street 01601 Kiev, Ukraine
  • United Networks of Ukraine Leantovica 9 01191 Kiev, Ukraine
  • DATAFLEX 4 Ivan Lepse Boulevard 03680 Kiev, Ukraine
  • De Novo DC Pivnichno-Syrec 04136 Kiev, Ukraine
  • Colocall Internet Data Center Turhenevska Street 52-58 04053 Kiev, Ukraine

Today, Kiev’s economy is based on a very wide range of industries. However, there are a few that play a more important role than others. For instance, utilities form a very significant portion of the economy, including water and natural gas. Food manufacturing, beverage manufacturing and tobacco product manufacturing are also key drivers, as is mechanical engineering and paper goods manufacturing.

Other factors here include education, and the city is one of the most important education hubs in Europe. Aerospace manufacturing, naval production and precision optic manufacturing play roles, too. Of course, information technology, software development and other data-related industries are on the rise and expected to make up an ever-increasing percentage of the city’s economy.

If you represent a business starting in the city or relocating to the area, we can help when it comes to choosing a Kiev colocation hosting provider. We invite you to get in touch with QuoteColo today for a free quote.