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Leading New England IT Management Service Company Lowers Cost and Reduces Research Headaches Using QuoteColo

Posted by QuoteColo on October 03, 2014 - Updated on September 30, 2014

Leading New England IT Management Service Company Lowers Cost and Reduces Research Headaches Using QuoteColo

Like every IT Management Company, AtrionSMB was after the promise of lowering their monthly expenditure on data center services without having to bang their heads against the wall searching for the right data center provider to meet their needs.

This is where QuoteColo stepped in.

AtrionSMB, one of New England’s leading IT management firms, is in the business of letting you run your business through easy IT management which is not bogged down in technical jargon, operating inefficiencies and more fixes than solutions. Providing the greater New England area with Managed Services, VoIP, Cloud Solutions, Virtualization and a wide variety of business class Web Hosting with a focus on Business Continuity (disaster recovery), AtrionSMB found themselves at a crossroad.

The business was exponentially growing yet their data center capability wasn’t quite growing with them. To rectify the situation, AtrionSMB turned to QuoteColo.

The basic promise of QuoteColo is to:

  • Eliminate all independent data center provider research at the client level
  • Provide comprehensive unbiased information regarding all data centers to allow clients to comfortably select a provider which meets their needs
  •  Supply clients with honest and open pricing on all data center solutions
  • Analyze client needs to provide them with a shortlist of qualified data center vendors
  • Make the process of finding a data center solution as quick as possible

Through analyzing their need and chatting with senior members of their team, QuoteColo data center experts gained the ability to accurately determine what AtrionSMB needed in a data center provider and most importantly, how their needed data center shift would positively impact their clients.

For AtrionSMB, that need surfaced in the form of a data center which offers comprehensive disaster recovery solutions. Understanding that AtrionSMB business continuity is a major sticking point with their clients, the QuotecColo team provided AtrionSMB with a list of dc providers, at their price level, who provided the level of DR needed to continually eclipse the needs of clients.

That data center ended up being the Tier III Cobalt Data Center located in Las Vegas, NV. Through the link with Cobalt, AtrionSMB was guaranteed a detailed and robust DR plan inside a highly secure tier III facility offering top notch on site security, industry leading granular disaster recovery solutions guaranteed to protect against single points of failure.

When asked to comment on how QuoteColo helped AtrionSMB in their search for an excellent data center provider, AtrionSMB Chief Operations Officer Harry Curran commented, “We are in the business of providing companies with rock solid IT Management service so they don’t have to worry about their critical IT solutions. QuoteColo allowed us to find the right data center provider to meet our needs in a timely and affordable manner. QuoteColo’s data center provided unbiased research and allowed us to find a provider quickly and without any headaches.”

As a part of the Cobalt facility, AtrionSMB owns the reality of sustaining growth, continuing data security and most importantly, continuing client satisfaction.

Lower monthly data center spend matched with higher tier facilities through utilizing a streamlined data center research process lead by industry experts. This is the QuoteColo promise. We can make your data center selection process easier, more affordable and more enjoyable. Just ask AtrionSMB.

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