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Learn About AWS Transfer for SFTP

Posted by QuoteColo on May 30, 2019

Learn About AWS Transfer for SFTP

AWS managed service providers often need to transfer for SFTP is a Fully Managed SFTP Service for Amazon S3. It will allow users to transfer files into and out of Amazon S3 using the Secure File Transfer Protocol. Another term for this is the Secure Shell File Transfer Protocol. The system is meant to make things faster and easier, and it does provide a range of benefits for those who are using it.

Why Choose AWS Transfer for SFTP?

When you choose this option, it means that you will no longer need to buy and run your own SFTP servers and storage in order to provide a secure option for exchanging data with customers and partners. With the infrastructure provided by and managed by AWS, it reduces the amount of work and worries that you will have. In addition, it provides autoscaling.

One of the other benefits of the transfer is that it is able to provide easy and seamless migrations. It is compatible with the SFTP standard, which should not have any trouble connecting to identity systems that are in use with the system, such as the Active Directory or LDAP. It will work with Route 53 DNS routing, as well. This simply means that it makes things much easier on your end. You will be able to migrate your workflows to AWS without a lot of hassle. You will not have to change the authentication systems, hostnames, or domains that you already have in place.

In addition, it will still be possible for the current partners and customers you have to keep exchanging files with you, even if they are external. Best of all, they will not have to worry about changing any of their software, applications, or processes. AWS transfer will not do anything that will interrupt the current flow for your customers.

Another one of the reasons to consider AWS SFTP is because it will store the data you have in S3. This means that it will be very easy for you to use it with other workflows that are API-driven. With other types of tools, you would not be able to do this as easily. Many of those third-party options will keep files in solos, which will be more difficult to access and use.

AWS SFTP will also work with all of the other AWS management services that you are currently using, or that you are considering using in the future. You can more easily keep control of your entire operation. It will also help to simplify your audits and monitoring, as well as your security.

Who Could Benefit?

Many different types of companies and businesses will find that they can benefit from this system. Since most businesses will need to exchange files with external firms at some point, having a simple and secure way to do so is always appreciated. This is true whether you are sharing documents for customers, invoices, technical files, or anything else. The system will make it easy to set up and support process for sharing data on a recurring basis. In addition, the system will work well for those who may need to publish market data for authorized personnel who are a part of their system. Creating ecosystem data lakes is possible, as well, which can be helpful for hospitals, labs, and similar locations that tend to focus on research and development.

Those who have been looking for better quality file transfer options, and who are already using or interested in AWS might want to consider using this system. There are a number of benefits and no real drawbacks to using it.


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