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How Leveraging Amazon CloudWatch Reduces AWS Costs

Posted by QuoteColo on February 27, 2019 - Updated on January 14, 2022

How Leveraging Amazon CloudWatch Reduces AWS Costs

When you are using AWS, you want to be able to monitor it, of course. While there are a number of tools that you can utilize to help monitor this service, one of the most common is CloudWatch. It is also considered to be one of the best for monitoring purposes, and when it is used properly, there is even the potential that it can help you to reduce your AWS costs. Let’s look at how it could help with costs and why this is such a beneficial option that you should be running.

What Does CloudWatch Do?

This tool is a monitoring and management service. It was built for the use of IT managers, system operators, site reliability engineers, and developers. When the service is running, it can provide you with a wide range of data and insights that will help you to better understand what is happening in the system. You will also find it is easier to monitor your applications and optimize the utilization of your resources. Essentially, it provides you with a better overall view of your company’s “operational health”.

The information that is collected by CloudWatch includes events, metrics, and logs. This data provides you with a unified view of the resources, applications, and services that are running on AWS, as well as on-premises servers. You have a substantial amount of information about the system and services that you can access quickly and easily.

Naturally, this means that it will be much easier for you to locate any potential problems that arise. It also means that you can find potential waste that’s occurring.

Monitoring the AWS Resources

There are more than 70 AWS services available today, and it is important that you are can easily monitor the ones you are using. You want to determine how they are being used and whether they are needed or whether you can turn them off. You also want to find ways that you can improve and optimize usage, as this can help you lower costs.

Better Costs Overall

Another one of the benefits of Amazon CloudWatch is the ability to set high resolution alarms. You can also take automated actions. What does this mean for you? You are able to free up resources that are important. It makes auto scaling easier, so you can add or remove instances as needed. It also lets you detect and shutdown unused resources. This helps to reduce the cost of your bill.

The monitoring ability that it brings to your fingertips will give you a substantial amount of valuable insight when it comes to how you are using the resources. By eliminating mismanagement of those resources, you will find that you can reduce the overall costs of running Amazon AWS alternatives. The service is well worth the time and effort that you put into it, and it should be a part of any business that is using AWS for their online needs.


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