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Microsofts 2019-2020 Opening of Data Centers in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

Posted by QuoteColo on October 19, 2019 - Updated on October 15, 2019

Microsoft’s 2019-2020 Opening of Data Centers in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

In 2018, Microsoft announced that it would be opening up its first data centers in the Middle East. It is only natural that the company would want to expand the number of data centers they have around the world. They are regularly growing in other areas, including Europe, and the addition of the data centers in the Middle East will help to expand their cloud operations.

Since they are competing against the powerhouse known as Amazon, more expansions will be extremely helpful. Currently, Amazon has more than a 60% market share when it comes to the public cloud, whereas Microsoft has about 20%. Amazon is leading the pack, but with more expansions, it is feasible that Microsoft could start to close the gap somewhat. Amazon is opening its first data center in Bahrain, so this announcement from Microsoft has helped to

The primary locations for the Microsoft data centers in the Middle East are Dubai and Abu Dhabi. With the introduction of these data centers, it will also mean that their cloud computing products will become available to the area. This includes Azure, Dynamics 365, and Office 365.

Benefits for the Region

While it is true that the opening of these data centers in Abu Dhabi and Dhabi is good news for Microsoft as a business, it is essential to remember that the new data centers will also help those regions in many different ways.

Since the company will be able to deliver their cloud services and apps, it will provide the businesses and organizations in the area, and even the governments, with far more digital options than they have had in the past. Many companies in the area had already expressed interested in going into the cloud and digitizing many of their processes. Businesses are looking for options for the cloud, and now Microsoft will be there and ready to serve those customers.

Businesses in the area will find an easier time when it comes to meeting their local data requirements, and they will be able to scale their business easier. This can help to make them more competitive on a global scale. These data centers should be able to provide help for a wide range of different types of companies in the area.

Also, the creation of new data centers will provide more job opportunities for those who are living in the area. It can also help to stimulate the economy, as well.

More Expansions Likely to Come

Microsoft is not a company that rests on its laurels for long. They have already planned expansions in other parts of the world, including Switzerland. They want to expand their number of data centers in other areas, such as Germany, as well. The company can compete better through this kind of growth, and as more and more companies are starting to rely on the cloud, more of these data centers will be needed.




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