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Milan Colocation Prices and Providers

The city of Milan is centuries old, and occupies a position at the very top of Italy’s boot, within easy reach of most of central Europe. It has become home to a thriving business and industrial sector, and Milan colocation prices and providers can vary greatly. We work with datacenters throughout Milan and the surrounding area. Our partnerships enable us to provide unique solutions to fit your specific requirements, whether you need basic support or in-depth service.

Our Expertise – With over a decade of experience in the colocation industry, we can help you make sense of Milan colocation prices and providers to ensure that you’re getting the best fit at all times. If you’re not entirely sure of your needs, we can work with you to determine what those are and then find the ideal partner.

Customization Is the Rule – We provide you with the means to avoid one-size-fits-all solutions and get a customized fit for your specific needs. We can match you with Milan colocation prices and providers that deliver exactly what you require and nothing you don’t.

Options in Milan Colocation Prices and Providers

You’ll find colocation service providers throughout the city and the surrounding area. Some of your choices include:

  • Via Caldera Campus, housing:
    • Telnet Calder
    • Seeweb
    • Netscalibur Telehouse
    • Caldera21
  • Interoute Communications Ltd, Via Brianza 15/17 20098 Giuliano Milanese, Italy
  • TelecityGroup Italia SpA Via Cascia 5 20128 Milano, Italy
  • I-Net Via Darwin 85 20019 Settimo Milanese, Italy

At one point, Milan was the capital of the Western Roman Empire, although the city’s foundation dates all the way back to 222 BC. It maintained importance throughout the middle ages as a center of trade and commerce. Today, it remains a vital part of Italy, and the European economy. It is home to some of the most recognizable names in the fashion industry, including Armani and Versace to name just two.

Of course, fashion is only one aspect of the city’s thriving economy. Manufacturing has declined, but Milan has become known as a home for banking and finance businesses, information technology, transport and logistics, publishing and, of course, tourism. In fact, Milan is Italy’s financial and economic heart. Rome remains the political capital, but Milan is the core of Italy’s financial power.

As such, many well-known businesses and organizations call the area home (and require quality Milan colocation prices and providers). You’ll recognize names such as Sky Italia and Mediaset, as well as RCS Media Group, Google and more. Even Bank of America has a strong presence in the area.

If you’re in search of affordable Milan colocation prices and the most reputable of providers, let QuoteColo help. We have years of experience in determining which providers are the right match for our clients, and we can offer prices found nowhere else. Even if you’re not entirely sure what your requirements are in the way of colocation, we can ensure you get off on the right foot.