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Bitcoin ASIC Miners for Sale


QuoteColo is a broker company that offers a HUGE marketplace of both buyers and sellers of ASIC Mining Equipment. We offer pre-qualified sellers with quality used and new Bitcoin miner rigs located all over the USA, Canada & China. Top of the line miner options from Bitmain, Innosilicon, MicroBT, etc. For North American clients, we have Bitcoin mining rig suppliers domestically in the United States & Canada. Avoid tariffs and shipping delays and get hashing immediately.

With the up and down nature of Bitcoin pricing, Bitcoin miner rig prices and availability change on a daily basis. For an immediate price quote, please contact us:

Send us an email ([email protected]) for our updated price list of used and new miners available in North America and the rest of the World.

Most Profitable ASIC Miners Available For Sale (new and used)


We also offer buy/host Bitcoin miner options (see below). Purchase the miner directly from a qualified hosting service and they will rack it for you and get you connected via the Internet ASAP. You pay a monthly “all in” fee which includes rack space, power, cooling and Internet. 100% of the mining rewards will be yours (this is not cloud mining). No need to worry about getting scammed and paying excessive shipping, taxes or other fees. Our mining farms offer some of the best electrical rates available in the World which is crucial when trying to achieve an ROI. When you are done mining, the host supplier will return your unit (BTC miners retain value).

Immediate Bitcoin Buy & Host Bitcoin Miner Hosting Packages  


New York State

  • Buy S17 Pro 56TH for $5500 and host for $104/month
  • Buy S17 53TH for $5450 and host for $106/month
  • Buy S19 Pro $call, host for $150/month
  • Buy S19 $2100, host for $150/month
  • MOQ 1

Colorado, USA

  • Buy S17 Pro 50TH for $4550 and host for $99/month
  • Buy S17+ 73TH for $4999 and host for $105/month
  • Buy A10, call for pricing
  • Buy Whatsminer M20S 68TH for $6900 and host for $106/month
  • Buy S19 or S19 Pro, call for pricing
  • MOQ 10

Kentucky, USA

  • Buy S19 or S19 Pro, call for pricing
  • Buy S17+ 73TH call, host for 5.7 to 6 cents all in
  • MOQ 1

* Pricing in USD. All in hosting pricing include power, cooling, space and Internet. Prices and availability change often.


Fully managed Bitcoin mining solution for Institutions and Individuals.

With the scarcity and high price of Bitcoin miners, our partner fully managed BTC mining solution has been very popular in 2021. Starting investment level $25,000 usd. No need to purchase miners and hosting contracts.

10 Petahash (10,000Th) available for August 15th delivery and 30 Petahash (30,000Th) available for September 15th delivery. See updated availability and pricing below. Prices and availability change often.

Here are the details:

  • No miners to buy, hosting, pools to configure, etc.
  • 100% guaranteed Th for 36 months (pause periods available)
  • One time payment from $45 to $55/Th
  • Monthly OPEX fee of $1.69/Th (36 months)
  • Management fee 10 – 15%
  • Daily earnings directly into your BTC wallet
  • Estimated BTC earned after 36 month for 500Th – 2 to 2.3 BTC
  • USA based company

3-15-21 Pricing:

August 15th Batch – 10ph available 

CapEx: $54.95/Th (one time)

OpEx: $1.69/Th (monthly for 36 months)

Mgt Fee: 15% (monthly)

Uptime: 100%

MOQ: 1,000Th


September 15th Batch – 30ph available 

CapEx: $44.95/Th

OpEx: $1.69/Th

Mgt Fee: 15%

Uptime: 100%

MOQ: 500Th


September 15 2021 – 500Th Pricing Package

CapEx (1 time upfront payment) – $22,475 ($44.95/Th)

OpEx (Monthly all in electric cost) – $845 ($1.69/Th/Month) *can pause anytime

Term – 36 months

Bitcoin Payouts – Daily

Uptime – 100% guaranteed

Mgt Fee – 15%

Estimated Bitcoin Mined – ~2 Bitcoins over the life of the contract


September 15 2021 – 5,000Th Pricing Package

CapEx (1 time upfront payment) – $209,750 ($41.95/Th)

OpEx (Monthly all in electric cost) – $8,450 ($1.69/Th/Month) *can pause anytime

Term – 36 months

Bitcoin Payouts – Daily

Uptime – 100% guaranteed

Mgt Fee – 10%

Estimated Bitcoin Mined – ~20 Bitcoins over the life of the contract



Bitmain Antminer S9


The Bitmain Antminer S9i is the successor of the Antminer S7 but has received some important upgrades that make it unique. Although it is almost the same size as its older sibling, the newer S9i is twice as efficient and three times as potent.

The Antminer S9i derives its efficiency from the powerful 182-chip core that can produce hashes much faster than any other Bitcoin miner that has ever reached the market.

Main Features

The main upgrades that have occurred with the S9i Antminer model include enhancements to the processor, the cooling system and the user interface. This article will provide a brief description of each of the newer features contained in the S9i.

Processor Characteristics

The Dual ARM Cortex A9 microprocessor makes this Bitcoin miner exceptionally fast. The power-efficient microprocessor supports Gigabit Ethernet, which makes it possible to instantly commit mined blocks to the blockchain.

System Cooling Capacity

The S9i uses a unique combination of convection and combustion cooling to enable the microprocessor to render massive amounts of data without overheating.

The Antminer S9i is encased in high-grade aluminum. It features heat sinks and electronically-controlled fans that provide exceptional cooling capacity, even as it performs lightning-speed mathematical operations.

The heat sinks of the S9i are located on each of the 182 chips. The high speed fans sit at each end, circulating hot air out and cool air in to prevent the unit from overheating.

User Interface

The Antminer S9i has an intuitive user interface that allows easy setup and operation. Once inside the interface, users enter their wallet address and mining pool information to begin mining. The dashboard can be used to alter settings and to update firmware.


The Bitmain Antminer S9i has received some important upgrades that were not present in the previous model. The exceptionally fast processor and highly efficient cooling system make the S9i the fastest Bitcoin miner yet that can render terahashes without overheating.

Quick Dive Into the New Antminer L3+ and What it Can Offer


The Antminer L3+ is an incredibly powerful miner that uses a total of 288 special chips. The chip is BM1485 ASIC, which is the first Litecoin Application Specific Integrated Circuit chip. At the moment, this Antminer delivers the highest hashrate compared to other Litecoin miners.

Good Design

One aspect of Antminer is it is pretty compact. This is something it has in common with other Antminer models like the S9. Those hoping to travel as they mine are going to love that the design of this miner is small and manageable, especially compared to bulky options.

Good Control Board

This Altminer uses the Texas Instruments’ 1GHz ARM Cortex-A8 microprocessor to offer users a control board they can count on. The microprocessor allows users not only to mine with speed, but it even comes with Gigabit capabilities to make sure users always have the opportunity to connect to the highest speed available.

Stay Cool

There is no doubt that this device is going to be able to mine a lot of cryptocurrency at any given time. This is great, but it does mean the machine is going to get pretty hot.

Do not fret though; the heat is not going to stop users from mining because the device has integrated heat sinks and two computer-controlled fans to keep the L3+ as cool as possible. The material used to make these devices is high grade Aluminum alloy, which goes a long way towards protecting the device against the heat it is most definitely going to produce.

Easy to Use

The Antminer’s overall interface is very user-friendly and this was done by design. Mining has grown in popularity, so more novice and first-timers are thinking of mining. Their inexperience could make it hard to really enjoy mining, but with a user-friendly interface like the one featured on the Antminer L3+, everything becomes a little easier to navigate and mine.

Hopefully, the information here makes it easier to decide whether or not the new L3+ is worth it or not.

A Quick Overview of the New Antminer T9+

The importance of bitcoin mining seems to be increasing. Banks, countries, and regular folks are investing in cryptocurrency, making miners vital to the entire system. This makes mining chips much more important, such as the BM1387 ASIC Chip.

Powerful Chip

The ASIC chip is one of the first Bitcoin mining chips that uses 16nm process node. The Antminer T9+ uses 162 of these mining chips, which is a big number. It is one of the most powerful miners out there.

Still Compact

One of the major stumbling blocks that affect most miners is how uncomfortable miners can be. Sometimes, they are a little too large or heavy that makes traveling a little challenging. The T9+ may be powerful and may have 162 chips, but it is quite portable and compact, making it a crowning achievement by Bitmain.

Good Control Board

The control board features Dual ARM Cortex A9 microprocessors that is coupled with a Xilinx Zyng 7010 FPGA, so it is a reliable control board. Users are going to be excited to see that the control board supports Gigabit connectivity that ensures any block mined is submitted.

Smart Cooling System

These devices are incredibly powerful, and they do get the job done with each passing moment. This means the device heats up considerably, but this is something Bitmain anticipated, which is the reason it meticulously designed a cooling system that will give you the peace of mind to continue working throughout your workday. The T9+ features heat sinks made from aluminum that helps disperse the heat effectively, along with two cooling fans.


As mining continues to become commonplace, companies are doing their best to create mining devices that are easy to use; it just so happens that Bitmain is leading the pack with devices like the Antminer T9. Its interface is very user-friendly, which means even the inexperience should have an easier time mining.

Hopefully, some of this information makes it easier to understand how this new Antminer could revolutionize your ability to mine coins and help you grow within this industry that seems to get bigger and bigger.

Get Serious About Bitcoins With the Antminer T17

With the recent surge in bitcoins prices, it is no wonder that people around the world are ready to get serious about the mining potential present within the industry. The Antminer T17 is a way to enter into this revolutionary field by making use of new technology that is cutting edge. The T17 is built around the 2nd Generation 7mm chip produced by Bitmain. This means that you will get the benefit of the best technology available, allowing you to mine bitcoins in a more cost effective manner moving forward.Another feature of the Antminer T17 can be reflected in the way that it utilizes hashing power. It has a structure that has been optimized to be able to deliver power in this area that has never before been seen. One of the ways that it accomplishes this is through its adoption of a heat dissipation structure. There is also a dual tube feature built in that allows it to minimize wind resistance. When it is all said and done, the maintenance expenses for the end user have been drastically reduced as a result.