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New Zealand Colocation Services

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Have you been trying to find a colocation data center in New Zealand? If you need colocation services, you will find that the country offers quite a few options – 30 currently. These types of facilities are in various parts of New Zealand, but most of them are in the Auckland area, as well as Christchurch, Hamilton, and Wellington. The following are some of the different facilities from which you can choose.

Plan B Tawa

Located in the Wellington area of New Zealand, this is a carrier neutral colocation data center. They have high-quality service, and capabilities including the ability to scale their service. It is possible to integrate cloud backup services, and to have standby recovery infrastructure. They have an experienced team that can help to keep the environment secure and running properly. The facility offers office space, rack cabinets, hosting for individual servers, dedicated servers, virtual servers, and remote hands.

Kapua Data Center

Located in Hamilton, the Kapua Data Center is a carrier neutral Tier-3+ facility that features multiple data floors. It is in one of the most geographically stable areas in the country, which means there is less chance of a problem, such as an earthquake. However, the building was created to withstand quakes, just in case. They have redundant power supplies, which mean better overall uptime for the customers. This facility has cages, rack cabinets, footprints, dedicated servers, virtual servers, and remote hands.

Plan B Christchurch

This facility, like the one in Wellington, is carrier neutral, and it offers secure environments and the scalable solutions your company needs. The experienced team at the facility works to make sure everything is secure and running properly. There are options for integrating cloud backup service and standby recovery infrastructure. They have office space, remote hands, rack cabinets, hosting of individual servers, virtual servers, and dedicated servers.

Orbit Data Centre

The Orbit Data Centre is in Auckland. This facility is carrier neutral and has been designed to have no single point of failure, which means you will have service without interruptions. They offer dual power feeds and a bank of uninterruptable power supplies, as well as a spare generator. The facility can hold up to 720 racks. It is an energy efficient data center that is also highly secure. They have cages, rack cabinets, footprints, dedicated servers, virtual servers, and remote hands.

Data Vault Grafton

This facility is found in Auckland, and it is a carrier neutral facility, so you can use the bandwidth supplier that you prefer. They have environmental controls to keep the temperatures stable, and they have N+1 uninterrupted power supplies so you do not have to worry about failure. The facility is secure and has an alarm, as well as access monitoring and CCTV. They offer suites, rack cabinets, footprints, remote hands, hosting of individual servers, dedicated servers, and virtual servers.

If you are hunting for a colocation data center in New Zealand, you can see that you have quite a few options, and these are just some of the best. It is time that you contacted QuoteColo to get your free quote.