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Norway Colocation Services

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The country of Norway features 27 colocation data centers, so if you have been looking for a good solution in Norway, you have plenty of options available to you. Most of the choices are in Oslo, but you can also find others in locations such as Bergen and Trondheim. The following are a few of the potential candidates for your colocation center needs.

Broadband Colocation Trondheim

This facility in Trondheim is carrier neutral and it can provide the space you need, along with the security you require in today’s world. They have a security system in place to keep the equipment and data safe. They monitor the data center around the clock to check for any potential signs of problems. The facility offers cages, rack cabinets, and footprints.

Broadnet Colocation Bergen

This company provides quality security for equipment and data at the premises, and they monitor the facility 24hrs a day, 365 days a year. This colocation center can provide rack cabinets and footprints. It is not a carrier neutral colocation data center.

Availo DCO

Located in Oslo, this datacenter provides the flexibility and options that many companies require today. Whether you need just a single rack unit, or you need your own secure room at the facility, they can accommodate. The facility offers a high uptime guarantee, and they have plenty of different services that could help your company. They are vigilant when it comes to security, and they offer cooling, quality power supplies, and fire protection. Availo DCO offers office space, suites, cages, rack cabinets, footprints, hosting for individual servers, dedicated servers, virtual servers, and remote hands.

Rent a Rack

Those who need a hosting and colocation solution in Oslo will find that Rent a Rack has a lot to offer. You can place your server, have access to the facilities when needed, and be sure that it provides you with quality redundant connections so you will not have to suffer downtime. Because they are a carrier neutral data center, you can choose the provider you want to use. The facility offers suites, cages, rack cabinets, hosting of individual servers, remote hands, virtual servers, and dedicated servers.

Digiplex Oslo

This company is a carrier neutral colocation data center that offers more than 4,700-square meters of technical space in a secure building. They have air conditioning, protection from electromagnetic issues, an underground bomb shelter, and more. It is a highly secure facility that can keep your servers safe and cool so they do not overheat. They have office space, suites, cages, and remote hands available.


This facility in Oslo offers excellent security, and it also happens to be carrier neutral, so you can have the carrier of your choice. They have redundant UPD and battery installation, as well as diesel generators available so you will not have to worry about interruptions. They have office space, suites, cages, rack cabinets, footprints, remote hands, individual servers, dedicated servers, and virtual servers.

These are just some of the options available to you when you look for colocation data centers in Norway. Find the best data center to meet the needs of you and your company by contacting QuoteColo for a free quote.