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Oh My, You Need A Colocation Hosting Provider?

Posted by QuoteColo on July 17, 2013

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Here is the thing about colocation. We don’t care what anyone tells you or what anyone says, at the end of the day people and companies choose colocation solutions because they want to save money and not worry about taking care of their own IT servers. That’s it – money and time.

Now, outside of power concerns, the biggest cost savings with colocation is found in the price of bandwidth. Bandwidth, or transfer, is the amount of data, which your servers can send or receive, in a given period of time. The given period of time is normally measured in fractions of a second.

But why, when utilizing colocation hosting providers is bandwidth one of the largest savings for consumers? The answer is pooling.

Bandwidth Is Expensive

You own or work for a company. That company is certain to have access to the Internet via a broadband connection or maybe a T1 line. Depending on the area of the country, the provider and the needs of the consumer, the monthly connection bill can run anywhere from $100 – a few hundred dollars per month. More specifically, if you’re company uses more bandwidth then originally allotted, they are hit with overage fees (think the overage fees Verizon or AT&T hands out for using more data per month than allotted). These overage fees, depending on the companies billing plan (95th Percentile Bandwidth billing or not), can get very pricey. The point here being, purchasing bandwidth alone is expensive. This is where colo hosting and colocation hosting providers come in. Again, pooling.

Data Center Colocation Provides Cheap Bandwidth

Pooling. When a company invests in colocation hosting providers bandwidth comes cheaper because you now have access to a dedicated connection line with high throughput, lower mass energy costs, lower mass cooling costs and the pooling of bandwidth resources. When your company paid for bandwidth alone, they paid for it alone. When your company invests in data center hosting services and colocation servers, multiple companies’ bandwidth needs are pooled and calculated. Like splitting a pie, companies then split the cost of the overall bandwidth usage. Thus, you as an individual company pays less for bandwidth usage while still getting higher, more consistent, transfer rates. This combination is something colocation hosting providers love to point out.

With this said, how do you find the best advanced colocation services offering the best colocation bandwidth rates?

Research is Always Key

It always comes back to research. To find the best colo hosting, colocation servers and colocation facilities offering the best prices on bandwidth, visit colocation review sites offering comprehensive colocation services ratings and real user feedback. Sites like, and provide you with the insight you need to determine which colocation data center hosting is best for you.

Shop Around and Compare

Like buying a car, shop around and compare prices. If your company has three colo hosting data center providers in the general area, talk to all of them about your needs, spec out the prices and compare the benefits of each colocation facility vs. the pitfalls of each data center hosting provider.

When all is said and done, as we previously mentioned, investing in a colocation hosting solution is all about monetary savings and time. By checking as many colocation services ratings as you can, by shopping around and comparing one colocation server host to another and by understanding that your company will see its biggest data center hosting savings in terms of colocation in bandwidth, you can confidently select a colo hosting firm to suit all of your server colocation needs.

One last thing, remember, colocation is a long-term investment. The upfront investment is substantial but over the long haul, the investment pays off in spades.

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