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How Does the Open Cloud Exchange Function to Support Scalability?

Posted by QuoteColo on April 17, 2017 - Updated on May 17, 2017

Every company would like the option of scaling up without hassle, but this is always easier said than done. However, more and more companies are finding out that scalability is well within their reach when they use Open Cloud Exchange.

What Is Open Cloud Exchange?

Before we talk about how it can help with scalability, let’s talk about what Open Cloud Exchange actually is. CoreSite was founded in 2013 and was one of the first companies to offer a service like Open Cloud Exchange.

This product is an Ethernet-switching platform that enables private cloud hosting and virtual connections direct access to the cloud. All of this happens with the help of real-time provisioning. Open Cloud Exchange was created to unite all networks, enterprises and cloud providers virtually via an interconnection portal that’s on-demand.

Through the activation of just one port, a user can establish numerous virtual interfaces with the company’s growing list of participants.

One major advantage of using Open Cloud Exchange instead of going through the public Internet to connect to cloud services is that this product gives you a secure, direct, virtual connection. This gives you far more control, security and reliability for your data.

The advantages can extend to your customers, too. You can extend on-demand access to your clientele so they can directly interface with virtual cloud environments.

Using Open Cloud Exchange to Scale Up by Expanding Your Business

The easiest way Open Cloud Exchange can support scalability in your company is by supporting greater amounts of business. From the above, it should become clear that this product can help your company increase its portfolio and do better with customers. With the added revenue, you can use that money to invest in your company and scale up as necessary.

Immediate Connection with a Greater Amount of Potential Customers

A far more direct path to scalability that will come from Open Cloud Exchange is that it literally puts you in connection with all kinds of potential buyers and sellers. This is something most companies need to scale up to do. While scaling up may still be a rewarding option, the greater access to customers can be yours the moment you begin using this product.

Management Through an On-Demand Portal

Earlier, we mentioned that Open Cloud Exchange gives you an on-demand portal for managing your online assets and disparate networks. The way this tool supports scalability should be obvious, but suffice it to say, with this kind of interface, you can afford to grow without having to worry about this expansion getting out of control.

Again, that single point of access will allow you to establish numerous virtual interfaces without having to create just as many interfaces.

On-Demand Provisioning

CoreSite has made their API available for Open Cloud Exchange, so the sky is really the limit in terms of what you could do to scale up your business. Every company is a bit different, but if you have a specific challenge standing between you and the size you want your organization to reach, the exposed API can help.

Maybe you aren’t dealing with this kind of need, though. Nonetheless, CoreSite offers on-demand provisioning, so you can keep control of your data practically in real-time while you increase or decrease the size of your company.

There are a number of reasons to invest in Open Cloud Exchange. Though it’s only been four years, CoreSite has definitely set this product up for future success. Still, if you needed one more reason to start leveraging this tool, it should now become clear that Open Cloud Exchange supports scalability in a very effective way that your company can immediately benefit from.

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