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Oslo Colocation Hosting and Pricing

The capital city of Norway, Oslo combines the ancient and modern into a unique setting that attracts residents and businesses from just about every industry. The city was founded in 1040 as a trading station, and has grown constantly from that point. Today, Oslo is both a city and a county, as well as being the country’s capital. The vast concentration of industries in the city mean that it is also home to a number of different colocation companies. If you’re comparing options in Oslo colocation hosting and pricing, you’ll need to go about it the right way.

Our Experience Can Help – Unless you’re a colocation expert yourself, you will definitely need a helping hand when comparing Oslo colocation hosting and pricing. There are many options available, and they’re far from being the same. You need a partner that can help you choose the services that matter most, while ensuring that you have the most critical features. We can do that and more, thanks to having over 10 years of experience in the industry.

Look for Customization – Oslo colocation hosting and pricing plans should not be thought of as one size fits all. That’s simply untrue. You should have access to customization options to ensure that you’re only paying for services and features that you need and use. We can help you define your needs, and then partner you with the right colocation hosting provider in Oslo.

Oslo Colocation Hosting and Pricing Options Available:

There are quite a few Norway colocation hosting choices in and around the city of Oslo. Some of your options include the following:

  • Webspesialisten Industrigata 0356 Oslo, Norway
  • Rent a Rack AS Ulvenveien 87 0581 Oslo, Norway
  • Intellit Oslo Gaustadaleen 21 0349 Oslo, Norway
  • Avalio AS Sandakerveien 121 0404 Oslo, Norway
  • OSL1 Vault AS Okernveien 121 0579 Oslo, Norway
  • Broadnet Colocation Oslo 0581 Oslo, Norway

Oslo has been ranked as the best city for economic potential (2012) as well as the second most business-friendly city in Europe. It is home to a strong maritime industry, but also to a wide range of other sectors. Currently, Det Norske Veritas (located in Oslo) is the single largest shipping business in the world (one of three), and the port at Hovik houses over 16% of the world’s shipping fleets.

Insurance is also a huge driver of the economy in Oslo, as are the telecommunications, information technology and oil and gas industries that also have strong presences here. Businesses within these industries and others require strong support from Oslo colocation hosting providers, and pricing can be confusing to navigate. Oslo is ranked equal with London as one of the most expensive cities on the planet in which to live or do business, but that doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune for colocation hosting. QuoteColo can help you find affordable hosting that doesn’t sacrifice quality, stability or security. Contact us today to learn more about your colocation hosting options, the pricing available and how we can help you succeed.