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Porto Colocation Hosting and Prices

The city of Porto, Portugal is second only to Lisbon in terms of size and population. It’s also the only other city in Portugal ranked as a global city. With ports on the river and estuary, as well as rich history spanning centuries, there’s a great deal of appeal to the area. It attracts both new residents and new businesses, and as more businesses become technologically reliant, the need for Porto colocation hosting and prices that are reasonable grows.

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A Look at Options in Porto Colocation Hosting and Prices

The city of Porto is home to quite a few colocation providers, some of which are globally respected for their uptime, their stance toward security and more. These include the following:

  • NFSI Porto 1 R. Dr. Alfredo Magalhaes, 46 4000-061 Porto Porto, Portugal
  • Cgest DC Porto Rua Dr Dinis Jacinto 4350-059 Porto Porto, Portugal
  • Bitcanal Porto Rua da Estacao de Contumil 4000 Porto, Portugal
  • Ar Telecom Largo da Estacao 4350 Porto, Portugal
  • FCCN SE02/GigaPix Porto Sala 102, Edificio CICA, Rua Dr Roberto Frias 4200-465 Porto Porto, Portugal
  • Ermesinde Rua das Argras Novas, 46 4445-283 Ermensinde Portugal

The economic forces at play in Porto are considerable. Oil and gas is definitely one segment, but there is also heavy industrialization throughout the area. Agriculture, particularly local fruit grown upriver from the city, is a factor, as is technology. The city is also home to the nation’s largest derivative market, and the wine industry is heavily represented, as well. The city was also ranked as the third best in the country for residential life, which draws new residents (and new workers) regularly. Of course, Porto has considerable access to the sea, but is also supported by a well-developed road and rail network, as well as a subway and industrial railways.

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