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QTS Realty Trust Announces Deployment of Megaport in Seven More Data Centers

Posted by QuoteColo on February 22, 2020
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QTS Realty Trust Announces Deployment of Megaport in Seven More Data Centers

QTS Realty Trust is one of the top providers of data center solutions and has more than six million square feet of owned mega scale data center space across the world. In response to the increased need for diverse cloud connectivity options, the company recently made an announcement.

Customers in several of their data centers would now be able to access Software Defined Interconnections services from Megaport. Megaport is a leader in the Networking as a Service field. This included the QTS data centers in Atlanta, GA, Ashburn, VA, Miami, FL, Piscataway, NJ, Sacramento, CA, and Suwanee, GA.

Access to Megaport is already available through a number of other QTS data centers. These include Chicago, IL, Dallas, TX, Richmond, VA, and Santa Clara, CA. With the addition of the new data centers, this brings the total to 10 data centers with the ability to access Megaport’s platform.

Why Has QTS Added Access to Megaport?

The reason QTS has decided to deploy Megaport in these 10 data centers is to help expand its carrier-neutral cloud ecosystem. They hope to make customer network strategies easier through the addition of hybrid IT environments and connectivity for the cloud. The Megaport platform and the features already offered through QTS provide a robust number of network services for the customers. These include things like direct and on-demand connectivity to large cloud and hyperscale providers. Some of these providers include Azure, Google Cloud, and, for example.

With the addition of Megaport, it provides users with a wide choice of service providers. In addition, it can provide the QTS users with direct connections to cloud onramps. This can provide a better performance, as well as scalability. There is also the potential to reduce costs. With all of the benefits that it can provide to the customers, it is easy to understand why QTS has decided to partner with them.

Megaport has grown to become a leader in the field of Elastic Interconnection services in recent years. The company makes use of Software Defined Networking to help customers connect their network to other services on the Megaport network. The company has partnered with Alibaba Cloud Technology, AWS Technology, IBM Direct Link, Oracle Cloud Partner, and a number of other similar services. It is possible to control the service through a computer, a mobile device, or through the open API.

Sean Baillie, the Chief of Staff at QTS, has said that “Speed, agility and efficiency are central to every hybrid IT strategy and Megaport provides our customers with a highly elastic option for connecting with who they want, when they want, more efficiently and effectively.”

While this news was only announced in the late part of December, customers from QTS are excited about the possibilities that it offers. If the endeavor proves to be successful, it could mean that other data centers owned by QTS could also add the Megaport platform in the future.


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