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QuoteColo Hosting Wiz

Welcome to QuoteColo’s Hosting Wiz! We have created a Windows-based application that consists of a series of website hosting / colocation hosting tutorials.

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Download QuoteColo Hosting Wiz by clicking the link.

Double click the downloaded file to install the program; any regular computer running Windows XP or a newer version should run fine. The application will place two icons on your desktop; one that starts the program and one that opens the documentation file.

We recommend that you should read the documentation file first; nevertheless, the scrolling text at the bottom of the screen offers all the needed information even while QuoteColo’s Atlanta colocation

Hosting Wiz is running.


Start the program, and then move the mouse over one of the six buttons to see the content of that particular module. Click any button to start the desired training module.

Press any key on your keyboard to stop the training module or click the screen to pause / resume any video. Click the red ‘OFF’ button to shut down the program.

Module 1 contents:

  • Finding a great domain name;
  • Online tools that simplify the job;
  • Brand your business using 600+ social media sites;
  • How to get domains for cheap;

Module 2 contents:

  • What is web hosting;
  • Types of hosting and colocation hosting;
  • How to choose the proper web hosting service;
  • Popular website hosting companies;
  • Cloud servers pros and cons
  • Useful tools

Module 3 contents:

  • Connecting your domain to the web hosting service
  • Examples of nameservers info emails
  • How to change nameservers
  • DNS propagation time

Module 4 contents:

  • What is FTP
  • FTP access using a regular browser
  • FTP access using Windows Explorer
  • Popular FTP clients

Module 5 contents:

  • FTP login details
  • Web hosting control panels
  • Examples of FTP login emails
  • Organization tips

Module 6 contents:

  • Needed FTP login info
  • Filezilla’s user interface
  • Quick connect and Site Manager
  • Connecting Filezilla to your server

*The program is free and doesn’t include any malware, viruses, etc.*

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