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Rack Space In Data Centers Anywhere in The World

Rack Space In Data Centers Anywhere in The World
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Are you looking to rent server rack space in a specific location or data center? If yes, you have found the right place!


QuoteColo offers FREE, No Obligation colocation rack space quotes from pre-qualified data center providers all over world.


To generate prices quotes, we need to know the following information:


  1. 1) Data center location?

  2. 2) Rack space needed?

  3. 3) Power in watts or Amps?

  4. 4) Monthly bandwidth?


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We offer Per U, ¼ rack, & half/full rack space options:

  • 4000+ data center locations in USA, Canada, EU & Asia.
  • Specific branded facilities such as Equinix, Digital Realty, QTS, Tierpoint, etc.
  • Popular carrier neutral telecom hotels – 60 Hudson NYC, 1 Wilshire Los Angeles, 151 Front Toronto, 1 Summer Boston, 350 E Cermak Chicago, etc.


QuoteColo offers data center rack space in colocation facilities all over the world. Top five North America rack space locations are listed below:


Texas – clients looking for rack space in Texas have plenty of options to choose from – Austin, Houston & Dallas are the most popular. Data center rack space for Dallas colocation is one of the most cost effective options in North America A full 47U cabinet with 20Amp 110v power and 200Mbps will cost $549/month. 1U rack space pricing starts at $50 a month in Dallas.


New York/New Jersey – rack space in New Jersey colocation is more cost effective than rack space for NYC colocation because of real estate and power costs. Clients can expect to save 15-20% a month leasing rack space in NJ compared to NYC. Rack space in Equinix NY2 and NY4 data centers is attractive to clients looking for low latency connections to the trading networks in Manhattan. Per U rack space starts at $69/month in Parsippany, NJ.


Virginia – rack space in VA is popular for clients looking for an East Coast presence for their servers and network gear. Additionally, Coresite and other colocation providers offer direct connects to AWS, Azure & Google cloud networks. Full rack space pricing for Ashburn colocation and Reston Virginia colocation starts at $695/month.


California – data center rack space for Los Angeles colocation is well known for its high speed connections to Asia and other points west. The cities of Santa Clara and San Jose have a dense concentration of data centers supplying rack space and cloud services to technology focused companies based in the Silicon Valley. 1U with 2Amps 110v and 10/100Mbps costs $79/month in the Bay Area.


Illinois – rack space and dedicated servers for Chicago colocation in IL are vital for companies looking for a middle of the USA network presence with low latency. Rack space in Equinix CH1, CHI2 or CHI 4 is popular among financial firms looking for low latency connections to the 3 major trading exchanges such as the Chicago Stock Exchange. Per U rack space pricing starts at $79 a month in Chicago and its Burbs.



These are just a few of the more popular locations. Please contact us directly for additional informantion.