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Reduce Your AWS Bill with These Simple Tricks

Posted by QuoteColo on March 09, 2019 - Updated on February 18, 2019

Reduce Your AWS Bill with These Simple Tricks

You love all of the options and benefits that are available through your AWS. However, you might find that you are spending a bit more than you thought you would. When you moved to the AWS, you had hoped – and believed – that you would be saving money. What went wrong? It’s likely because you haven’t taken full control over the architecture in your setup. Fortunately, there are some rather simple things you can do to help lower the cost.

Make Sure You Are Using the Right Storage Class

One of the first things you need to do is make sure you are using the right storage class. There are currently five tiers of storage available, and you need to know the one that will be the proper size for your business. If you have more storage space than you need to use, it means you are paying for that unused space, and that’s a waste.

Shutdown AWS Resources that Are Not Being Used

There is a good chance that you have a number of AWS resources that are up and running, that you are not actually using right now. Whenever you or those employed by you are not using services in AWS, get into the habit of closing them down. Do this at the end of the workday and on weekends, and it can reduce the wasted resources.

Consider the Instance Type

Different types of instances will cost different amounts, so you always want to make sure you’re using the most cost-effective option that will still meet your needs. Even though you might believe the instance type you’ve chosen is working effectively, it is still a good idea to monitor them and assess the choice at least once or twice a year to be certain.

Auto Scaling

When you use Auto Scaling, you will find that it can be a massive benefit. It will allow you to make sure your resources are in line with the demand of the customers. This will let you handle spikes in your traffic and only use the additional resources when it is required. You can turn them off when they are not needed, and this can result in some savings.

Consider Using Reserved Instances

Another way to save money is to use Reserved Instances. This is not an on-demand service, and it requires a commitment of between one and three years. However, when you purchase the reservation, it can help you save a substantial amount over on-demand capacity. If you buy the Reserved Instances and you do not need it, it is possible to sell it back in many cases. You can also buy a shorter duration.

These are some of the best and simplest ways to reduce your AWS bill. When you take this simple advice, you will find that you can reduce the costs, and it will help to get your bill more in line with the cost expectations that you had when you started your cloud journey.


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