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Rome Colocation Hosting and Pricing

When you think of Italy, Rome naturally comes to mind. The ancient capital of the Roman Empire, and the political capital of Italy, Rome remains a thriving city with international connections. Today, Rome is the 14th most visited city in the world, and the third most visited city in all of Europe. It is also home to a thriving economy, which attracts businesses in all industries. Those industries require modern support, and understanding Rome colocation hosting and pricing is essential. We can help you navigate these sometimes murky waters.

Our Experience and Expertise – We have over 10 years of experience in pairing businesses and organizations with colocation hosting providers in Rome and around the world. Our expertise ensures that you’re able to choose the ideal partner for your specific requirements, whether you’re more concerned with uptime, security or something else.

Get the Customization You Deserve – We understand that each organization has unique requirements and needs. To that end, we ensure that you’re partnered with the right Rome colocation hosting and pricing options. Even if you’re not entirely sure of the extent of your needs, we can help.

Rome Colocation Hosting and Pricing Choices:

You’ll discover a number of Rome colocation hosting and pricing options throughout the city, including in the heart of the ancient capital, and out toward the A90. These include:

  • NaMex Cineca Via dei Tizii 6 00185 Rome, Italy
  • Tiscali International Network B.V. Italy Via Ercolano Salvi 18 00143, Roma, Italy
  • net Via di Tor Cervara 282/1 00155 Rome, Italy
  • Clouditalia Via G.V. Bona n. 67 00156 Rome, Italy
  • Interoute Communications Ltd. Via Cornelia 498 00167 Rome, Italy

Rome is the capital of Italy (at least politically), and is home to most of the nation’s government offices. It is also the hub of Italy’s court system and has a GDP of US $121.5 billion per year. The area is notably free of most heavy manufacturing businesses, and is instead populated heavily by information technology firms, banking and financial institutions, telecommunications companies, aerospace firms and more. However, there is also a significant education industry in place, as well as the largest airport in Italy. Three of the world’s largest businesses also call Rome home – Telecom Italia, Enel and Eni.

As a global center for finance, information technology, defense and the like, it only makes sense that there would be quite a few Rome colocation hosting and pricing choices. In fact, it can be confusing to sort through your options. We can help. At QuoteColo, we have over 10 years of experience in the colocation industry. We can put that expertise to work on your behalf and provide unique solutions and partnerships unavailable anywhere else. Whether you’re an existing business looking to move into Rome, or a new startup, we partner with leading area colocation hosting providers, and offer customization services to ensure that the solution you receive meets your requirements perfectly. We invite you to contact us today to learn more about how QuoteColo can help.